Bagel Bunchkins: Dunkin Donuts Applies For Bagel Hole Trademark

Dunkin' Donuts popular Munchkins might be getting a new cousin: the Bagel Bunchkin. The company recently applied for a trademark for "Bagel Bunchkin" but declined to say if and when the new bagel bites would be released.

"We have many trademarks and cannot speculate on future plans related to our trademark filings," the company's trademark team responded.

The popular restaurant chain currently serves bagel twists and 13 different-flavored bagels.

"It's important for us to offer a range of items to satisfy our busy, on-the-go guests throughout the day. As a result, we do have a number of mini and bite-sized items on our U.S. menu, including hash browns and Munchkins donut hole treats," said Justin Drake, Public Relations Manager for the Dunkin' Brands Group.

Earlier this year, the company launched sausage pancake bites for a limited time.

In 2009, Thomas' sold their own version of bagel bites, called "Bagel Holes," which are no longer listed on their website. The product was offered in three flavors and received mixed reviews.

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