Austrian McDonald's New McRibster Jazzes Up the Traditional McRib

From the elusive Shamrock shake, Fish McBites for Lent, or France's McBaguette, McDonald's always seems to be one step ahead of our foodie needs.

For a limited time, McDonald's locations in Austria are featuring the McRibster, a breaded, fried McRib that's topped with pepper-jack cheese and bacon.  With two sauces - a sweet chili and a honey mustard - the sandwich is garnished with lettuce and red onion.

Only available until March 27, the 640-calorie sandwich is part of a menu that includes a new Crispy Chicken Caesar burger and the former 1955 burger topped with caramelized onions, bacon, lettuce, barbecue sauce and tomato.

The traditional 500-calorie McDonald's McRib is a rib sandwich topped with barbecue sauce, pickles and onions.  McDonald's released this sandwich for a limited time in November and enthusiastic fans updated its Facebook page.

The McRibster now has its own Facebook page for loyal fans, as well as those hoping the sandwich will make an appearance in their country.

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