Alaskan Bear Jumps on Jet Ski

Alaskan Bear Jumps on Jet Ski

Nothing says summer like spending time in the water with family, even if you're a bear.

A young brown bear got in on the action in Alaska this week, jumping atop a Sea Doo while in the Naknek River with his mom.

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The photos of the bear appearing as if he was preparing to take the personal watercraft for a spin were captured by Graham Morrison, the owner of a fishing guide service in King Salmon, Alaska.

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Morrison posted the photos to his company's Facebook page Monday, along with commentary about what could have prompted the bear to jump on the jet ski parked at a dock.


According to Morrison, the mother bear was eating her catch in the water and the baby bear appeared to growl at her in an effort to get her to share. The bear slid off the back of the jet ski at one point before climbing back atop and then standing on its two hind legs with its hands on the wheel.

Morrison told the Alaska Dispatch there was no damage done to the Sea Doo during its brief encounter with the bear.