3-Year-Old's Birthday Dreams Come True With First Train Ride

Forget Barbie, ponies or princesses.

All little Madeline Dubois, of Nashville, Tenn., wanted for her third birthday was to ride the train.

Her excitement is infectious in the video her dad, Daniel Dubois, captured of her reaction as the train was pulling into the station.

"As little kids do, they get fixated on something," Dubois told ABCNews.com. "We used to live where we would cross train tracks a lot. She was so fascinated with them. She was like, 'I wanna ride a train,' so we did that for her birthday. We didn't know quite how she would react."

With every wide-eyed squeal, joyous gasp and uncontrollable hands-in-the-air movement she gave, her reaction turned out to be priceless.

"If she reacted in terror, it would have been different. At that age, they're so honest and sincere, and I love that raw excitement. We posted it to share with friends and family. We had no thought it would do anything," Dubois said.

Although Dubois originally posted the video to YouTube in March 2011, it is just now gaining steam after someone else posted it to Reddit Monday. The video has now surpassed more than 545,000 views, easily classifying this tiny train-rider as the latest viral superstar.

But as for her interests now, Madeline, who turns five in March, has already moved on to the next childhood obsession.

"That's the cool thing with kids," Dubois explained. "They get so enthused about something, and then overnight they're over it and done with it. So you just have to latch on and give them the best experiences while they're still interested."