Behold the Catloaf, Your Adorable Edible Friend

Behold the Catloaf, Your Adorable Edible Friend (ABC News)

The Internet can be a forum for the weirdest, best creations you never thought possible. Catloaf is definitely one of those things.

This niche item is exactly what it sounds like: a loaf of bread shaped like a cat.

“I’m cat mad. I have five moggies of my own, all rescue kitties,” creator Lou Lou P. told ABC News. “I love the ‘catloaf’ expression, so one evening I just had to see if I could bake it for real. Thus catloaf was born, simple as that.”

A “cat loaf” is when a cat tucks its paws under its body, hence looking like a loaf of bread.

Lou Lou P. exclusively told ABC News how to turn three mounds of dough…

…into something resembling a cat…

…and then finally the glorious result.

Click here for the full instructions.