Beauty 911: Easy, Affordable Drugstore Fixes to Common Beauty Emergencies

ABC News

Beauty emergencies are all too common, but they don’t have be costly or time-consuming to fix.

Three “GMA” viewers asked for advice about their beauty challenges, and Lori Bergamotto, style director with Good Housekeeping magazine, came to their rescue using products that may be obtained at a drugstore.

Below are her suggested solutions to four problems:

The problem: One viewer tried to achieve the cat-eye look with her makeup – a look popularized by Adele, but she’s never able to get both eyes done just right. When she erases her mistakes, her eyes are red and look messy. She wanted to know how to clean her eye makeup mistake without getting red eyes.

The solution: Bergamotto said people don’t need to start fresh if they make small smudges with their makeup. The bbrowbar brow corrector pen – which costs about $28 -- allows you to “erase” the mistake, saving you time, money and lots of face-scrubbing.

Beauty 911: 30 Seconds to a Flawless Face

The problem: Another viewer said her last dentist visit was “a nightmare.” She explained that that while she and her children brush, they always have plaque -- and she doesn’t want to spend hundreds of dollars on pricey toothbrushes.

The solution: Bergamotto said Plaque HD, a new toothpaste, actually leaves a blue tint on spots where there’s heavy plaque to alert users that they should brush more diligently in those areas. The toothpaste costs about $15.

The problem: One viewer said she hates to spend time and money getting manicures, only to end up end up not liking the way the color looks once it's been applied. She asked whether there were any alternatives.

The solution: Bergamotto mentioned Sally Hansen’s ManiMatch app, which allows users to do a virtual application of the color to see whether it suits them. Users first scan their hands. When they open the app, they’ll see an image of their hands and can “try” many shades of polish within the app.

The problem: A viewer wrote that her brows were mess –- thin in some areas and too full in others -- and she can’t afford the money it would cost to visit a brow specialist.

The solution: Bergamotto suggested Ramy’s Arch Angel Transforming Brow Gel and stencils. The gel goes on white and brushes in to your brows to match your hair color, giving brows a fuller, more groomed appearance. The stencils allow you to tweeze around the arch that works for you.