Bear Cub Rescued from Locked Car in Colorado

Officers were forced to tackle a fuzzy situation on Tuesday when a bear managed to get itself locked inside a car.

Deputies in Jefferson County, Colorado responded to the call that the animal was stuck inside a 2004 Subaru belonging to 17-year-old Annie Bruecker. She just got the car a couple months ago and is using it to drive to her summer job, ABC affiliate KMGH-TV in Denver, Colorado reports.

"My mom screamed from downstairs and I thought that I was in trouble," said Bruecker. "She said Annie there’s a bear in your car."

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Bruecker admitted she forgot to lock her car the night before.

"I honestly could not tell you how he got in," said Bruecker.

Footage captured the daring deputies setting the bear free by opening the back hatch of the car. They said the bear quickly rejoined the wilderness after the ordeal.

"It was kind of a little bit of a startling moment when he jumped out of the vehicle," said Deputy Josh Tillman with the Jefferson County Sheriff's Department.

The interior of the car was severely damaged as the bear had tried to free itself by clawing through the doors and roof, according to KMGH.

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