'The Bachelorette' Finalist Nick Viall Is 'Excited to Be Out There' and Date

For the second time in two years, Nick Viall found himself in the runner-up position when "The Bachelorette" came to an end on Monday night.

The software sales executive told reporters on Tuesday that he's currently single but that he hopes he won't be for long.

"I'm excited to be out there," he said. "I am excited to get back out there and meet a great girl."

Viall was heartbroken when Kaitlyn Bristowe allowed him to choose a ring and propose to her during the show's finale. And while the first month-and-a-half after the show wrapped was rough, he said he's since come to terms with her decision.

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"Kaitlyn is a great person," he said. "I know she didn't mean anything malicious by it and ... those actions helped me focus on moving on because the trust I thought we had definitely went away in that moment."

Facing his ex at "After the Final Rose" show was a bit awkward, he acknowledged, mostly because he'd been hoping for an apology that never came. However, now that the show is behind him, Viall said he is looking forward to going back to his life as a single guy in Chicago.

"Even though I've been the guy who's gone on TV for love ... I am a big believer in letting things play out," he said. "It'll happen when it happens!"

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