Babies in Business Suits? Sure, Why Not.

Dressing babies in business suits -- Why hasn’t anyone thought of this before? Thankfully, Ilana Wiles, of, continues to come up with these brilliant baby poses to keep her viral audience smiling. “I am always thinking about what could be the next baby photo meme,” Wiles, of New York City, told “In the past, I've had big success with the Evil Baby Glare-Off, Epic Baby Hair and Baby Mugging.” And now, it’s “Baby Suiting.” When Wiles’ nephew was born, she first had the idea to put him in his dad’s suit. “Something about the big padded shoulders made them all look like that scene in Beetlejuice with the shrunken head,” she explained. Wiles polled online followers to come up the name, and so it began. Take a look at these hilarious business babies ready to conquer the next board meeting. 

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