Artist Creates Amazing Lifelike LEGO Masterpieces

Artist Nathan Sawaya may have attended NYU to become a lawyer, but after years of mergers and corporate acquisitions on Park Avenue, he decided he’d rather sit on the floor and play with toys. Sawaya has become the master of LEGO art, where he builds large-scale sculptures out of individual LEGO bricks. At his exhibit, “The Art of Brick,” which opens tomorrow at Discovery Times Square in New York City, Sawaya will unveil his latest, never-before-seen masterpieces in the largest display of LEGO art ever assembled. The premiere will feature more than 100 works of art made out of millions and millions of little LEGO bricks. “I want to have the broadest impact possible to inspire people to change the way they view the world and the way they think about art,” said Sawaya. When he’s not focusing on art for his exhibit, Sawaya creates pieces on commission for celebrity clients.