American Kids May Stick to Cereal After Trying These Foreign Breakfasts


It’s safe to say these kids will be sticking with their favorite Saturday morning sugary cereal after trying breakfasts from around the world.

In this hysterical video compiled by Cut Video and Kitchenbowl, a group of American children were asked to taste traditional breakfast food from Korea, Brazil, Finland, Vietnam, Poland and the Netherlands.

They weren’t impressed.

"I just found a dead fish in it. That’s gross,” one little boy said of the Korean meal.

It didn’t get any better.

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“I think it’s weird that kids drink coffee in Brazil,” another said about the strong cup of Joe.

There were differing opinions about Finland’s breakfast.

“I know I won’t like it. I hate salmon,” one of the little girls added about the bread topped with raw salmon.

“This bread is pretty soft. It could be my pillow,” said one of the boys.

“Surprisingly the one that received the worst response was actually the kimchi from Korea,” Mike Gaston, creative director of Cut Video, explained. “That was a bit spicy and none of the kids liked the heat.”

The YouTube video of the experiment has gotten nearly 400,000 views in 24 hours.

Interested in trying some of the foreign breakfasts? Get the recipes here.

Bon Appétit!