Amanda Kloots talks possibility of finding love after husband Nick Cordero's death

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Amanda Kloots has been very transparent about her grief since losing her husband Nick Cordero in July following his battle with COVID-19.

The widow of the Broadway star often shares updates on the couple's 1-year-old son Elvis and how their family is coping.

During a recent Q&A on Instagram, Kloots, a fitness trainer and actor, answered questions from her followers on everything from the possibility of finding love again to how to help someone who is grieving.

In response to a follower who asked if she could see herself finding love and having more kids after Cordero's loss, she said, "I hope so. I would love to find love again," according to People.

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"I would've told Nick this if it would've been me on my deathbed," she continued. "And I think he would've been saying the same thing to me if he could've talked."

Cordero faced complications from COVID-19 for three months and experienced many problems while hospitalized. He suffered from multiple infections, sustained lung damage, spent time in a medically induced coma and required a leg amputation, among other health issues.

Kloots previously described the process of grieving the loss of her husband as, "a long journey ahead and down road I never thought I'd be on."

"No one can tell me how to do it, I have to do it. I may do things right, I may do them wrong," she explained. "There isn't a perfect way. One day, one step at a time. I have faith that God is leading the way and that Nick is our angel."

In Kloots's Q&A session, another fan sought advice for helping someone in their life who had recently lost their husband. "I check in but I feel like I'm saying [the] wrong [thing]," the follower wrote.

Kloots encouraged her to keep checking in on her friend who is grieving and to "just be there for her."

"I find a text from friends that says 'I love you' sometimes is exactly what I need," Kloots explained. "Don't be afraid to ask her how she is and talk about her husband. It honestly feels more weird when a friend ignores that Nick is gone."

Kloots will share more about her love story with Cordero and living with grief in her upcoming memoir, "Live Your Life," which will be released in June 2021.

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