5-Year-Old Draws '80s Hits: Can You Guess the Songs From These Drawings?

Sam, 5, of Portland, Ore., is a budding artist who grew up listening to his 80’s-obsessed mom's favorite songs from the big-haired decade. The two always listen to 80’s music in the car and after hearing "Hold Me Now" by The Thompson Twins on the ride to school one day, Sam drew a picture inspired by the song, and a hobby was born. Every day, Sam and his mom sit at the kitchen table, put on some music and he draws what he hears. “He always asks me the song title and when I tell him he'll usually giggle and shake his head, then he gets down to business,” his mom, Lori, explained on her blog, Drawntothe80s, where she chronicles Sam’s artwork and their adventures. “I love sitting with him and sharing something I love so much with someone I love so much.” Click through to see some of Sam’s artistic interpretations and try to guess the '80s songs that inspired them.

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