5 party-theme ideas and how to style them, including the 'CrustaceanCore' trend

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Hosting a themed party means dressing up and transforming your space for friends and family.

This summer, we’re considering our own at-home parties and the essentials we’ll need to pull it all off.

Some themes we love include a garden party, a beach-themed party, and – per the latest trends – a Crustacean-themed party.

According to Etsy, "CrustaceanCore" is going viral; people are searching Etsy for lobster prints 112% more than this time last year.

“Reminiscent of seaside memories, the crustacean trend is becoming a mainstay amongst shoppers this summer. The trend comes hot off the heels of the coastal grandma aesthetic – we like to think of it as coastal grandma’s bolder, brighter younger sister,” Etsy’s Trend Expert, Dayna Isom Johnson, says.

Johnson says it’s easy to incorporate this trend into your tablescape:

“To create a whimsical yet elevated display, pair smaller, punchy details – like lobster-patterned napkins or shell-shaped dishes – with evergreen tabletop staples,” she says. “I also suggest opting for crustacean motifs in colorways that accentuate the existing tabletop decor for a seamless look that feels intentional. But most importantly, don’t be afraid to get playful – this fun trend is the perfect opportunity for shoppers to express their personal style.”

Shop this trend and more below to create your ultimate summer party!

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