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Do You Want to Eat Pizza Hut's Marshmallow Dessert Pizza?

Rachel Tepper Paley
May 30, 2014
Pizza Hut's Marshmallow Dessert Pizza
Pizza Hut's Marshmallow Dessert Pizza

All photos credit: Pizza Hut Japan

Japan, land of designer bananas and vegetable-flavored ice cream, has another edible oddity to add to its gustatory resume: marshmallow dessert pizza, courtesy of Pizza Hut Japan.

Pizza Huts around the world not long ago discovered the shock value—and viral potential—of bizarre pizzas. Take Pizza Hut Middle East’s cheeseburger-stuffed crust pie, for instance. Or Pizza Hut Korea’s cookie crust pie topped with shrimp and potato. The stomach-churning list goes on and on.

But for now, our attention turns to the marshmallow dessert pizza. The pie has a savory-sweet thing going on—the crust is incongruously dusted with Cheddar cheese—and in addition to the pastel-colored ‘mallows, it’s topped with sliced almonds and a drizzle of caramel syrup. The pizza will be available at select Pizza Hut Japan locations through June 30 for the bargain price of roughly $8.

We wondered: Would Americans ever go in for a pizza like this? We turned to Twitter to find out.

Reactions ranged from complete and total revulsion…

…to abject outrage:

Some people predicted that this novelty pizza foretells the end of Pizza Hut novelty pizzas:

Though they may underestimate the American appetite for all things sweet and greasy:

In the realm of peculiar pizzas, things may be just beginning.

Pizza Hut's Marshmallow Dessert Pizza
Pizza Hut's Marshmallow Dessert Pizza

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