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DIY Sous Vide Machine Raises $20K in 3 Hours

Alex Van Buren
Food Features Editor
August 12, 2014

DIY Sous Vide Machine Raises $20K in 3 Hours

If you still doubt that home cooking has ascended to the level of sports, pop music, and movies in popular culture, well, set those doubts aside. The Nomiku, a DIY sous-vide machine, is blowing up Kickstarter.

For those unfamiliar with sous vide, it’s a relatively simple technique many high-end restaurants have adopted: You seal a piece of meat, vegetable, or anything else inside a plastic bag, drop it into a pot of water, and what’s called an immersion circulator moves the water around it at a steady pace and an exact temperature. Chefs like it for its precision: A steak will cook evenly throughout. 

The Nomiku immersion circulator is Wi-Fi–controlled and comes with an app that allows you to start cooking as you’re walking down the street en route home. The campaign raised $20,000 in a mere three hours this morning, Kickstarter reps told us. Perhaps that’s because the contraption comes relatively cheap: Donating $129 now will snag you one of your own (a sweet discount from the eventual $249 retail price), assuming this thing comes to fruition. (Normally, sous-vide immersion circulators are $200 and up. And as we went to press, 308 Kickstarter pledge spots for that particular reward remained.)

Your cold, hard, electronic cash also goes towards getting this made-in-America version of Nomiku to market. Without having gotten our paws on one to test, we can’t vouch for its awesomeness, but the Nomikans (?) have managed to snag endorsements from top-notch chefs including Chris Cosentino and Hugh Acheson

Also, cool name: Nomiku. Not only is it a shortie version of the Japanese phrase that means “eating and drinking,” it happens to include the phrase “nom.” Good work all around.

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