'Zootopia' Home Edition (Out June 7!) Reveals 'Frozen,' 'Big Hero 6' Easter Eggs

Marcus Errico
·Editor-in-Chief, Yahoo Entertainment

At $900 million-plus and counting, Zootopia is the year’s biggest movie so far. The hit Disney ‘toon has been winning over critics (well, most critics) and fans since its March 4 release.

Part of the wide-appeal charm comes from savvy pop-culture jokes and visual gags riffing on everything from Breaking Bad to The Godfather. Per tradition, directors Byron Howard and Rich Moore were also sure to stick in a few treats for hard-core Disney fans. Yahoo Movies scored this exclusive sneak peek (watch above) at the bonus features of the upcoming Zootopia home release, due out June 7, which reveals some of the hidden references you might have missed at the movies.

For instance, the Oscar-winning Big Hero 6 is represented a few times in Zootopia. First, the city of San Fransokyo, where Hiro and Baymax call home, makes a cameo in the wall calendar in the police station.


Baymax himself pops up as an antenna topper on the foxes’ van.


Disney’s all-time box-office champ gets a nod as well. Eagle-eyed (elephant-eyed?) viewers might have caught the two adorable pachyderm princesses dressed as Frozen’s Anna and Elsa.


Then there’s a more subtle Arendelle homage. The dish pattern in Jumbeaux’s Café looks awfully familiar.


The Easter egg clip is among the bonus content on the Zootopia home edition. Also on board: Zoology: The Roundtables, a featurette hosted by Ginnifer Goodwin (the voice of Judy Hopps) about the movie’s ground-breaking animation and environments; The Origin of an Animal Tale, which traces the development of the movie (and the big story change that sparked the filmmakers); Research: A True-Life Adventure reveals how the animators traveled around the world for inspiration for the cinematic critters; and separate looks at deleted characters and deleted scenes.

Zootopia will arrive June 7 in several formats, including a Blu-ray/DVD combo set, online via Disney Movies Anywhere, and as a digital download.