Zombieland: Double Tap stars talk zom-coms, Emma Stone doppelgängers, and global warming

Zombieland: Double Tap stars talk zom-coms, Emma Stone doppelgängers, and global warming

The Zombieland cast never thought they’d be back together 10 years after the release of their cult film, but, here they are with Zombieland: Double Tap — and they couldn’t be having more fun.

Ahead of the long-awaited sequel’s Oct. 18 release, Emma Stone, Woody Harrelson, Jesse Eisenberg, Abigail Breslin, and director Ruben Fleischer gathered for a wide-ranging discussion on EW’s new series Around the Table.

“I don’t think I would have believed it would ever happen,” Flesicher said of reuniting for Double Tap. “So without being too schmaltzy, this really was a dream come true to be able to get these guys back together.”

To which Stone cracked, “Oh, the schmaltz on this guy!”

The actress, who has scored an Oscar and two more nominations since the release of Zombieland, added, “Everyone was very excited about the idea of all getting together again, because we had such a great time on the first. But the script had to really come together in a way that made a lot of sense and wasn’t just, ‘Oh, we’re going and having fun together and making a movie while we do it.’”

“We were cautious to make sure it’s as great as the first one,” Eisenberg said.

Still, they had a pretty good time doing so. “I can’t speak for everyone here, but I will say, for me, [it was] the funnest possible experience,” said Harrelson. Then Eisenberg deadpanned, “Yeah, you can’t speak for everybody.”

Jessica Miglio/Columbia Pictures
Jessica Miglio/Columbia Pictures

Since it was so enjoyable, could the gang get back together every 10 years like Stone has suggested? Harrelson had a dark answer to that, staking the franchise’s potential future on global warming. “Do you have to tell the truth in an interview?” Stone said to her costar. “But in 10 years, even in the midst of global warming, do you think that there could be a chance to do a Zombieland 3 and maybe let people escape that horrific reality for an hour and a half?”

Hopefully, we’ll find out. For more from the Double Tap team, including Jennifer Lawrence’s possible role and the cast’s discovery that Fleischer zombie-cheated on them, watch the interview above.

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