New Zealand's Women's Rugby Sevens Team Performs Traditional Haka at Gold Medal Ceremony

Team New Zealand
Team New Zealand

Dan Mullan/Getty Images Team New Zealand

The women of New Zealand's rugby sevens team looked to their country's cultural history to celebrate their big win on Saturday.

At their Tokyo Olympics medal ceremony, Team New Zealand performed a traditional haka dance in unison. The haka is a ceremonial dance with roots in the Maori history of New Zealand, and the bellowing roars and powerful moves are traditionally used to display strength and unity.

Wearing their black team sweatsuits, the athletes put down their medals and flowers in order to do the haka at the Tokyo Stadium.

To win the gold, New Zealand beat France 26-12. The bronze medal went to Fiji.

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Speaking to reporters about the win, New Zealand's co-captain Sarah Hirini said, "Yeah, we've got titles and we've won things, but I want our group to be good people and show the world that you can be a good, genuine person and still have success."

Hirini continued, "Our program allowed that. Things like this happen because you're able to be who you are."

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Team New Zealand
Team New Zealand

GREG BAKER/AFP via Getty Images Team New Zealand

In the men's rugby sevens competition, New Zealand won the silver medal, while Fiji took gold. Argentina won the bronze.

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