Zachary Levi on what will surprise people about 'Shazam! Fury of the Gods'

Zachary Levi and the cast of Shazam! Fury of the Gods talk to Yahoo Entertainment about what will surprise people from the latest installment.

Video Transcript

- Look, I might not have as much experience as you because I'm not super old like you, but I've seen all of the "Fast and Furious" movies, lady. It's all about family. Family.

KEVIN POLOWY: In a couple of words, what's going to surprise people most about this movie?

ZACHARY LEVI: I don't know. I mean, hopefully not that much. I want people to just-- not that there won't be surprises. But I just want them to feel like they got their money's worth. And they liked the first one. And we didn't deviate too much from that formula and gave them something that felt like and tasted like that but even better. So hopefully that's not a surprise. Hopefully that's an expectation and we deliver on it, you know?

KEVIN POLOWY: Dame Helen Mirren brought some spunk to the panel today, her words, not mine. She said this film is going to have some serious pussy power. Do you endorse this sentiment?

DAVID F. SANDBERG: Absolutely. And that's a fun thing about Helen Mirren. Because it's like, oh, it's Dame Helen Mirren. So you think like oh, she's going to be like the queen or something. And then she shows I mean, she said that first time on set. She and Lucy stepped on set. And she was like pussy power is here. Like oh, OK, great, you know. No, so she's so fun to work with.

KEVIN POLOWY: So that was a thing on set. So is it going to be a tagline for the movie now?

DAVID F. SANDBERG: I wish. Yeah, that's how we get people to buy tickets.

KEVIN POLOWY: Was that just her? Was like she was she pretty unfiltered like on set like that the whole time?

ASHER ANGEL: She is so cool, unapologetically herself, no filters. She's just such a great human being. And I loved working with her. And that's Helen for you.

KEVIN POLOWY: Cool Dame Helen. David, do you have to call her-- do you have to call her Dame? Or do you just call her--

ASHER ANGEL: You have to. You're going to get kicked in the face if you don't.

ZACHARY LEVI: I don't know that was the terminology I would throw around in my head for it, just trying to be respectful of course. But I agree wholeheartedly since that's her terminology, I will agree with her terminology is 100% that she and Lucy bring in spades.

JACK DYLAN GRAZER: She's the coolest. She's got so many cool stories about working with like, like Malcolm McDowell or like or Anthony Hopkins, all these amazing stories. I'll tell a story, a brief story of when she used to do theater with Anthony Hopkins. They used to do a thing where they would like fart on stage, while they like-- purposely like fart in between each other's lines to make each other laugh. Like she is that. Like she is not professional at all. So I love that about her.

KEVIN POLOWY: I love that. And that next time I interview her. I'm going to ask her for that full story.

JACK DYLAN GRAZER: Yeah. I hope that gets leaked and she gets mad at me for saying that. [LAUGHING]

- I just threw a truck at a dragon. I love my life.