Yung Miami Defends Outfit Choice, Snapping Pics After Takeoff’s Funeral

Yung Miami has responded to the plethora of backlash she received for her outfit choice at the late-Takeoff‘s funeral in Atlanta. On Saturday (Nov. 12), the 28-year-old posted a carousel of photos from the day of the memorial service, wearing a full-body sheer suit under an all-black leather mini dress. The City Girl paired the ensemble with thigh-high Balenciaga boots and a black leather trench coat. Group mate JT wore a black two-piece suit.

She captioned her Instagram gallery with, “Everyday the sun won’t shine but that why I love tomorrow [rocket ship emoji] [white heart emoji].”

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Immediately, social media began to come for the Caresha Please host over her “lack of decorum” at such an event full of Takeoff’s family and friends.

Large image of late rapper Takeoff on the State Farm Arena display during his funeral.
Large image of late rapper Takeoff on the State Farm Arena display during his funeral.

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“Yung Miami looked cute at the funeral, however Caresha you know that definitely was NOT funeral attire,” commented one person under a repost of the photos on The Neighborhood Talk Instagram account.

“I came and showed my support and that’s all that matters!” Yung Miami clapped back in the comment section. “What I choose to do AFTER the funeral has nothing to do with anything!!! When my baby father died I did the same sh*t actually I was shaking my ass on the car. What I wear and me taking pics has nothing to do with me COMING TO SUPPORT AND BE THERE FOR SOMEONE WHEN ITS NEEDED!!! NEXT.”

However, Miami’s responses summoned even more critics.

“Y’all be wearing the most inappropriate things to funerals! That in conjunction with this tacky photoshoot! Just disrespectful,” tweeted one person as another person wrote, “Yo…@YungMiami305 posting pics of herself from Takeoff’s funeral as if it was a fashion show… Shows just how desensitized this generation is to death ..She had to make sure she had a IG & Twitter moment .. SMFH.”

“It’s a funeral. First you run your reckless mouth against someone in his family, now you make it about your clothes?” Said another user. “You aren’t even from Atlanta. This is some disrespectful sh*t. Probably haven’t even shed a single real tear while his family is broken.”

On the flip side, a few fans praised her atypical funeral look.

“Why do y’all feel so entitled to tell her y’all’s opinions like she cares…there’s absolutely nothing wrong with posting what she wore, y’all acting like she posted him in the casket…bffr y’all bi**hes be mad abt anything,” said a fan on Twitter.

Take a look at Yung Miami’s funeral ensemble and photoshoot above.

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