Yung Joc Addresses Viral Clip Of Podcast Host Calling Him A One-Hit Wonder

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Yung Joc was a major topic of conversation this week after a podcast host questioned how he could make a 20-year music career off of one hit. The 42-year-old revealed that this wasn’t the first time he received such an inquiry and explained his thought process in responding.

“Oh yeah boy, shawty went in,” the Atlanta rapper said in a video posted by The Shade Room where he described his experience being interviewed on The Hollywood Group Chat with Mehgan James. He then mimicked the question in her voice before saying “I was like ‘Damn.’ Shawty hit me so below the belt, I was like ‘Damn little buddy.'” The New Joc City rapper revealed he wasn’t even there to be interviewed, but rather was doing a favor for a friend.

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“Soon as she hit me with the first question I wanted to be like ‘Girl, stop playing with me,'” he continued. “But then I said ‘You know what? Nah, Imma break it down for you.’ I just commenced to answer the question for her, but I don’t even feel no shade by it. People been shading me, this ain’t nothing new. It’s just y’all got a chance to see it from somebody y’all may not be as familiar with, so it’s like ‘Ooh the nerve.’ I said the same thing.”

As far as future podcast appearances go, don’t expect Yung Joc to sit down with anyone else unless it is someone he is familiar with, per his words at the end of the clip. One of those people is Funny Marco, whom James called out on Twitter upon receiving backlash for her question. Joc called the comedian his “brodie” thus there is a rapport that would make him feel comfortable doing an interview.

“Iono why everybody panties in bunch,” James tweeted. “Y’all do not be mad [at] Funny Marco. I guess it’s [because] he a comedian and I be serious?” She followed that tweet up with another, saying, “Comedians get away [with] being ‘disrespectful’ when y’all know them ‘jokes’ be coming from a serious place…but when I wasn’t intentionally being disrespectful and was really curious I’m wrong bye FOH.”

James later realized how her question may have come off, and offered Yung Joc an apology on Instagram. “My intentions were not to disrespect you during my podcast interview,” she wrote. “I was honestly interested in your journey & how you have been able to stay relevant through out the years.”

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