YouTube Star Jake Paul Turns Neighborhood Into a ‘War Zone,’ According to Neighbors

Jake Paul is a YouTube sensation with more than 8 million subscribers. Though he might be a social media superstar, his neighbors think he’s a menace.

Paul is known for his crazy pranks and performances, like lighting furniture on fire in an empty swimming pool. Most of his rowdy antics are taped at his West Hollywood home, and his neighbors have clearly had enough.

“We used to be a really nice, quiet street and now we’re just this, like, war zone,” neighbor Maytal Dahan told local TV station KTLA. “We’re families here, and we’re more than happy to have them live here if they’re respectful of their neighbors — but they’re not.”

KTLA also spoke to Paul and confronted him with his neighbors’ complaints, but the 20-year-old had zero remorse for his behavior.

“It’s terrible. It’s a bad situation. I feel bad for them, for sure. There’s nothing we can do, though — the Jake Paulers are the strongest army out there,” he said.

Reports say the neighbors are considering filing a class-action public-nuisance lawsuit against Paul and the homeowner.

With all the media attention he’s getting, Paul responded on Twitter and wondered why people care that he’s a “bad” neighbor.

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