YouTube Adding Generative AI Tools in Creator Push

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The video platform YouTube on Thursday announced a suite of creator tools — including a number of products that take advantage of generative artificial intelligence — in a bid to further bolster its leadership in the creator ecosystem.

“AI will enable people to push the boundaries of creative expression by making the difficult things simple and the impossible dreams possible,” YouTube CEO Neal Mohan said at an event at Google’s New York office Thursday morning. “These powerful tools shouldn’t just be for a select few. We believe they’re for everyone.”

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The new tools include “Dream Screen,” an “experimental” generative AI tool for YouTube Shorts that will let creators add backgrounds or short videos to their content just by writing in a prompt.

“Here’s how it works. I can type in anything I want to see, like, say a panda that drinking coffee,” Mohan said, demoing the tech. “And then the video image appears just as I imagined it.”

In a demo on stage, YouTube executive Matthew Simari used the tech to instantly create a video of a dragon flying over New York City, and of a dog driving a car, underscoring the versatility of the tech.

Other AI tools will include AI-generated suggested video topics. The tool “will tap generative AI to spark video ideas and draft outlines to help creators brainstorm,” according to the company. “The insights will be personalized for each channel and based on what audiences are already watching on YouTube.”

The company will also roll out AI tools to suggest music that can be used in creating videos, and will bring the AI-powered dubbing tool Aloud into YouTube, letting users automatically dub their videos into foreign languages, a move that could dramatically expand the reach of videos.

However, the company is also embarking on a push to make it easier to become a YouTube creator. A key part of that will be a new mobile app called YouTube Create, a free app with “a suite of production tools to edit their Shorts, longer videos, or both.”

Mohan said that the incredible success of creators on YouTube had some inadvertent impacts:

“[Creators] made so much progress that had an unintended side effect: Many people today believe becoming a YouTuber is out of their reach,” Mohan said. “Some aspiring creators think that you need to have a deep understanding of analytics and a full production studio. At YouTube, we want to make it easier for everyone to feel like they can create, and we believe genuinely that AI will make that possible.”

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