Do Yourself a Favor and Watch These Helen Mirren Movies and Shows ASAP

helen mirren movies and tv shows
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Helen Mirren is truly one of Hollywood's most treasured gems. The English actress has reached millions of homes with her pivotal role in the Yellowstone prequel, 1923—but let it be known that she is no stranger to being behind the camera! With a career that spans back to the '60s—one that's filled with a bunch of prestigious awards and accolades—her longevity deserves some flowers and then some. With the recent announcement of her upcoming movie, Thursday Murder Club, now seems like a pretty appropriate time to get into some of Mirren's best works. A list of her best movies and TV shows awaits you below.

Award show enthusiasts are probably aware that Mirren has been nominated for four Academy Awards, winning her first one in 2007 for her role in The Queen. With that said, it'd be a dadgum sin not to include that one on this list. But the historical movie isn't the only one worth mentioning. There are plenty of other detective shows, modern flicks, romances, and even some mystery thrillers sprinkled in here. (Yep, she's just that seasoned!) Mirren even had a part in the box office smash hit, Barbie, but if you don't remember seeing her in the film, it's for a reason. Read on to find out more, including a look back at her career.

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1923 is a prequel series and origin story to Yellowstone. Mirren portrays the iconic Cara Dutton, an Irish immigrant and the matriarch to what fans now know as the Dutton ranch. Without her brave and stern persona, there may not have been a John Dutton or modern story to tell!

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helen mirren movies and tv shows 1923

The Queen

Queen Elizabeth II has been depicted in countless films and TV series, but only one actress has won an Oscar for her performance. Yep, Mirren's role in The Queen went on to gain critical acclaim, and it's easy to see why. The 2006 film follows Queen Elizabeth II and how she dealt with aftermath of Princess Diana's death.

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helen mirren movies and tv shows the queen


If you saw the Barbie movie (because at this point, who hasn't), then you may or may not have realized that Mirren had a role in it! While you couldn't see her, you could definitely hear her, as she narrated the film from beginning to end. Honestly, she was made for this job.

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helen mirren movies and tv shows mattel films
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Prime Suspect

You *need* to see Mirren as Jane Tennison, a Chief Inspector responsible for solving the coldest of cases—even ones that require her to set aside her personal fears. She does all of this while also proving her male counterparts wrong—showing them that a woman in the game can outsmart anyone else on the team.

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helen mirren movies and tv shows prime suspect
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The Mosquito Coast

Way before 1923, Mirren teamed up with Harrison Ford to film this '80s Utopian drama. She plays the wife to Ford's character as he leads her and the rest of the family to the jungle. He thinks that starting a new life there would be just what they need—but clearly, to both Mirren's character and the audience, he's going a little haywire. It's rather... riveting, to say the least.

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helen mirren movies and tv shows the mosquito coast
Warner Bros.

Eye in the Sky

It's obvious that Mirren has an affinity for playing tough personalities, and it's because she's so darn good at it. Watch as she takes on the role of Katherine Powell, a British Colonel who must figure out how to take down a terrorist group responsible for a series of atrocities.

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helen mirren movies and tv shows eye in the sky
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The Last Station

This one is all about family drama. Mirren is Sofya Tolstoy, the wife to Leo Tolstoy—a famed novelist who has been convinced to sell the rights to his life work not to his family, but to the Russian government. Now Sofya must figure out a way to stop this from happening before her husband passes.

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helen mirren movies and tv shows the last station
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Alma Reville (aka Lady Hitchcock) was the supportive wife to the acclaimed filmmaker, Alfred Hitchcock. Mirren plays Reville in this film, which focuses on the strenuous process Hitchcock had to go through to make his now classic film, Psycho. Reville, believe it or not, was his only supporter at the time.

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helen mirren movies and tv shows hitchock
Searchlight Pictures

The Good Liar

The Good Liar is about a lifelong con-man whose sights are now set on Betty McLeish (Mirren) a recent widow. After he meets her, however, he begins to fall in love—something that has never happened to him before. Is this the moment he finally decides to change?

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helen mirren movies and tv shows the good liar
Bron Studios

Gosford Park

Can a movie be dark, mysterious, and funny all at once? Yes, and Gosford Park proves that to be true. It centers around a crew of wealthy folk who are summoned to a resort meant to be filled with fun and relaxing activities. Though, soon into their stay, a murder occurs, and one of these eclectic personalities is responsible.

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helen mirren movies and tv shows gosford park
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