Younger ’s Nico Tortorella Expecting Baby With Bethany C. Meyers

Nico Tortorella and Bethany C. Meyers are sharing rainbow-colored news.

The couple announced on Instagram that they are expecting a baby and shared a series of sweet images. In one photo, the Younger star and Bethany smile brightly while pointing at Bethany's baby bump.

"There is so much to tell you all about this unexpected story of how we finally conceived, but today I just want to sit in the excitement of getting to share our news with all of you," Bethany wrote on Instagram. "Our [rainbow emoji] baby is in my belly."

Nico and Bethany—who have been married since 2018—are gushing in excitement after being candid about their fertility challenges over the years.

The couple shared in a statement with People that they experienced "months and months of heartache and unknowns" throughout the process, but now they are both able to "see just how much magic and healing this process has already offered."

Celeb Baby Showers

"Of course, we still have a ways to go, and we know some days will be more difficult than others," the pair wrote. "But, today is a celebration. Today we are one step closer to becoming parents. All of it is you baby."

Bethany took time on Instagram to think about those who are still struggling with infertility. The fitness and lifestyle entrepreneur wrote, "For those of you who are still on your journey to parenthood, I know this news may feel painful. I know some of you may have just had another failed cycle, or found out your pregnancy wasn't viable, or some other hiccup in this wild game they call trying to conceive. Permission to mute me, step away or feel all of those feels. I've been there too."

Nico Tortorella, Bethany C. Meyers
Gregory Pace/Shutterstock

Bethany continued, "About a year ago, a fellow infertility warrior who finally had their rainbow baby told me this - 'it sucks until one day it doesn't' and they were right."

According to the Scream 4 actor's post, the baby is due in March 2023.

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