Young Swifties debate how to open a CD case, making even Gen Z viewers feel old: 'This is how we listened to music'

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Despite being a generation born into technology, Gen Alpha isn’t always intuitive about how to use older forms of technology. And just like home videos from the 90s reveal how much life has changed, millennials and Gen Xers share how the modern-day Gen Alpha is baffled by the “olden days.”

Compact discs (CDs), in particular, have presented a challenge for some in Generation Alpha. First, there’s the struggle of trying to open a CD case.

@Taylor Swift your music has officially reached the generation that doesn’t know how to open a cd case,” TikTok user Julia (@julesb97) quips in the viral video.

Technology has evolved so quickly that even Gen Zers were taken aback by the next generation’s inability to handle the CDs.

“As a teenager this has made me feel so old,” wrote @.obsessed__ with a crying emoji.

“im 24 and these comments just made me cry,” added @btaylorsversion22.

The challenge continues after opening the CD cases. Shannon Schmidt (@swiftiebabies13) shares a TikTok of “baby Swifties” struggling to figure out how to get the CD out of the case.

The group — one of whom is wearing a smartwatch with more integrated technology than the majority of millennials’ college experiences contained — has puzzled looks as they collaborate on how to get the CD out of its case. After a few moments of confused attempts, a member of the Gen Alpha group finally pushes the middle release, and the CD pops out.

“I knew that was a button!” one shouts triumphantly.

“You guys are making me laugh because this is how we listened to music,” Schmidt says.

In another TikTok, Schmidt shares the group’s attempts to figure out how to play the newly freed CD in a CD player.

“I feel so old,” commented @anthonypope38.

In an ironic twist, some TikTokers are also pointing out that the same Generation Alpha Swifties who don’t know how to open a CD case may not realize that Taylor Swift herself is old enough to have released CDs to her original fans.

Older Swifties have posted videos of themselves with their original Taylor Swift CDs as proof.

Karen (@karentaylorsversion) describes opening her “red CD 10” years ago on her 14th birthday and says “State of Grace” is still her “favorite 10 years later.”

Rachel A. (@rachelllcatswift) even shows off a box of Taylor Swift CDs, including the discovery of the “original” and first Taylor Swift CD she ever owned.

“This is the CD,” she gushes reverently. “This is the deluxe, and then this is my original CD.”

Watching Gen Alpha explore CDs has also led some TikTokers to speculate that the technology could make a comeback.

“I think this generation could bring cd technology back,” observed @sherlybossycat.

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