The Young and the Restless spoilers: Summer plays matchmaker for Nick and Sharon?

 Joshua Morrow and Sharon Case as Nick and Sharon confused in The Young and the Restless.
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When it comes to The Young and the Restless and the fall romances, we've long predicted there are a few recouplings on the horizon. For example, we can see Sally (Courtney Hope) and Adam (Mark Grossman) reuniting in the next few months. Adam has been relentless about making his love for Sally known, even if she pretends to be uninterested. Sally continuing to place herself in situations to bump into him don't exactly scream "leave me alone."

Plus, it was evident she wasn't offended when Adam surprised her with a kiss during the week of September 18. It seems like only a matter of before the exes reunite.

If you're a fan of #SNick, we're sad to say that Sally and Nick (Joshua Morrow) are on borrowed time. Yes, the two are technically together, but Sally is now keeping this Adam smooch a secret from the older Newman, and secrets are the kiss of death for relationships in Genoa City.

Allison Lanier as Summer perplexed in The Young and the Restless
Allison Lanier as Summer perplexed in The Young and the Restless

But don't cry for Nick, as we've also hypothesized that he and Sharon (Sharon Case) are headed toward a reunion this autumn. The whole ordeal with Cameron Kirsten (Linden Ashby) over the summer really seemed to push the two closer together as friends, and now they're business partners at Kirsten Incorporated.

Although Sharon is dating Chance (Conner Floyd), as Adam said in an episode months ago, everyone knows Nick and Sharon are the loves of each others' lives, even if they won't admit it.

With all of that said, it's time to rope Summer (Allison Lanier) into the conversation. After her split with Kyle (Michel Mealor), she finds herself drawn to the new chief of police. Anytime the Newman heiress is around Chance, her face lights up. Clearly, she has a crush and wants him, but Sharon is standing in the way. Then, in the episode airing on September 28, Summer made a point of asking Nick how things were between him and Sharon.

Conner Floyd as Chance in The Young and the Restless
Conner Floyd as Chance in The Young and the Restless

Since Summer isn't averse to scheming to get what, or who, she wants, we picture her playing matchmaker for her dad and Sharon to clear the path for #Chummer.

But how will Summer do it?

There's a possibility Summer could find herself in the right place at the right time to overhear a conversation between Sally and Adam discussing their forbidden kiss. Summer could then run with that information to her father, knowing he'd dump Sally. If that were to ring true, Summer could follow up her tattling with encouraging words to her father to go seek comfort from his friend Sharon. The former spouses may find that in a moment of vulnerability they still have romantic feelings and give in to them.

Also in the episode airing on September 28, Summer asks Nick to give Phyllis (Michelle Stafford) a job at Kirsten Incorporated. He's not really sold on the idea, but relents to consider it and talk to Sharon. If Nick and Sharon do hire Phyllis (which would be the new epicenter of drama in Genoa City), we can picture an instance in which Phyllis either stumbles upon Summer's crush news or her daughter tells her about it directly.

Sharon Case and Joshua Morrow as Sharon and Nick laughing together in The Young and the Restless
Sharon Case and Joshua Morrow as Sharon and Nick laughing together in The Young and the Restless

Let's say that happens, it's not a far stretch for Phyllis to help her daughter play matchmaker by creating situations at Kirsten Incorporated that demand Sharon and Nick spend more time working on retooling the company, leaving Summer more time to spend with Chance.

The mother/daughter duo may think Sharon and Nick may be prompted to cheat, and Chane perhaps do the same. We'll be the first to admit this plan would only work provided Sharon, Nick and Phyllis don't kill each other first, and that Phyllis doesn't make a play for Nick for herself.

If none of these scenarios come to fruition, it's possible Summer plants seeds of insecurity in Chance's head. For example, during her one-on-ones with Chance, she could constantly bring up how close Nick and Sharon have been over the years, and now with them working together, old romantic feelings are bound to be stirred up. Summer could even create situations where Chance catches Nick and Sharon in close proximity, just to help make the point that Chance is the latest distraction for a couple meant to be together. Once Chance is convinced, Summer may hope he is ready to be with her.

We will just have to keep watching the soap as Summer almost certainly has something up her sleeve.

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