Young man baffled by parents’ decision to charge him a ‘ridiculous’ amount of rent

A man's parents are furious at him for moving out after they tried to charge him an exorbitant amount of rent. He took to Reddit's "Am I the A******" to share his dilemma. "I finished a building apprenticeship in February and got moved from minimum wage to $27.50 an hour. When my parents found out about the wage increase they demanded that I start paying rent of $350 a week”. “Now I would've been happy to pay some rent, but paying what a studio apartment is worth for a bedroom I share with my brother is ridiculous”. “I was already paying a third of the household bills as well as dropping my younger brother and sister to school ... Plus I do all the repairs around their house for free”. He told his parents he would pay $150 a week but they refused. “I said to my parents that I was giving them two months' notice that I would be moving out, no longer contributing to bills and no longer helping out around the house or picking up and dropping off my siblings". “I moved out in April. I stopped driving them last week and today my mum called me and begged me to start again and to come fix the floor of the laundry”. “I refused to help with my siblings and told her that my rate was $27 an hour but since she's family if she wanted me to fix it I'd only charge her $17 an hour. Now my parents are refusing to speak to me and my siblings are pissed at me”. Reddit users thought he had every right to move out. "They got greedy and asked too much," someone commented