This young couple moved from Massachusetts to Maine to fulfill their tiny home dreams

Carly and Chris's small house sits at 280 square feet

Video Transcript

- Welcome to our tiny home.

- We've been living in the tiny home now for about a year and have been loving every second of it.

- It is a custom-built tiny home built by Tiny Homes of Maine. 280 square feet total. So when you first walk into our home, this is our living area. We have a really nice couch with a detachable ottoman. We really love the big windows. It lets in a lot of natural light. So this is our awesome tiny home kitchen area. We have these beautiful butcher block countertops, a super nice sink. We don't have a dishwasher. So we just hand-wash all of our dishes. Our home is all electric. And we really, really utilize every single space we have for storage.

- This is our custom-built office area. We have our double monitor computer setup that Carly will use for streaming on Twitch. I also use it for work.

- So this is our bedroom. And what we love about it is there's a skylight that opens up so we can look at the stars. We have two windows over here, which Bella loves looking out. It's a super cozy space.

- Living in a tiny home has definitely created a space where we communicate a lot better. We've been together for seven years, but living in a space like this, you learn so many things about each other.

- Thanks for checking out our tiny home.