Yellowstone Season 6 Release Date Rumors: When Is It Coming Out?

yellowstone season 6 release date
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With the fifth and final season coming to an end, eager fans are hoping to learn more about a Yellowstone season 6 release date. For those asking “When is it coming out?” and if it will still be on Paramount Plus, here’s the latest information.

Is there a Yellowstone season 6 release date?

Yellowstone season 6 is expected to be a spin-off, releasing in 2024 or beyond with a new cast.

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With Yellowstone season 5 marking the end of Kevin Costner’s role as Dutton, there have been questions surrounding what’s next for the series. While the mainline show is ending, there is apparently still room for a sequel or spin-off, potentially with Matthew McConaughey as the new lead.

If and when a spin-off or sequel is released, viewers shouldn’t expect it to be called “Yellowstone season 6,” as the creators would likely want to clearly separate it from the Dutton storyline.

For now, however, plans for a Yellowstone sequel or spin-off are still up in the air, at least publicly. Hopefully fans hear more about a follow-up, sooner rather than later.

The “2024 or beyond” release date is based on how Yellowstone season 5 part 2 is planned for November 2023. If the spin-off has already secretly started production, there’s the possibility of a 2024 release date assuming it’s a relatively small project.

As soon as ComingSoon received official confirmation of a Yellowstone sequel, we’ll be sure to report on it.

Where is Yellowstone season 6 coming out?

Yellowstone season 6 would come out on Paramount Plus. If it is in the works, it may potentially launch in 2024.

Again, nothing official has been confirmed. All we know is that the creators have considered a sequel or spin-off.

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