Yellowstone season 2 on CBS: next episode, recaps, cast and everything we know about the Kevin Costner western

 Luke Grimes in Yellowstone.
Luke Grimes in Yellowstone.

Taylor Sheridan's neo-western phenomenon continues with Yellowstone season 2. The story of the Dutton family trying to protect the ranch they've called home for more than 100 years ramps up in season 2, and for the first time is coming to a wider audience than ever before.

After Yellowstone season 1 was a hit on CBS, the network is keeping the ball rolling, bringing Yellowstone season 2 to traditional broadcast TV for the first time, with all 10 episodes of the second season set to air on CBS.

Whether you are a long-time fan of the series eager to watch these episodes again or are just getting into Yellowstone, we've got everything you need to know about Yellowstone season 2 right here.

When is the next Yellowstone season 2 episode on CBS?

The final two episodes of Yellowstone season 2 air on CBS on Sunday, December 3, starting at 8 pm ET/PT.

Yellowstone season 2 recaps

Check out the synopses for Yellowstone season 2 episodes and our recaps for each:

Yellowstone season 2 episode 1, "A Thundering"
"Kayce settles into his new role at the ranch; A damaging article threatens to expose John; Rainwater pitches his new plan to the tribal council." Read WTW's Yellowstone season 2 episode 1 recap.

Yellowstone season 2 episode 2, "New Beginnings"
"Kayce and Rip come to blows; Beth starts buying up land to protect the ranch; Monica begins a new chapter at the university." Read WTW's Yellowstone season 2 episode 2 recap.

Yellowstone season 2 episode 3, "The Reek of Desperation"
"New powerful enemies look to block Rainwater and Jenkins' plans for a big business deal; John and Beth groom a new political candidate." Read WTW's Yellowstone season 2 episode 3 recap.

Yellowstone season 2 episode 4, "Only Devils Left"
"John's enemies strike a direct hit on the Yellowstone. John forms an unlikely alliance. Kayce has his first day as a livestock officer." Read WTW's Yellowstone season 2 episode 4 recap.

Yellowstone season 2 episode 5, "Touching Your Enemy"
"Jamie tries desperately to walk back a previous mistake. Kayce tracks down evidence. Monica and Martin attend a traditional Indian horse relay." Read WTW's Yellowstone season 2 episode 5 recap.

Yellowstone season 2 episode 6, "Blood the Boy"
"Jamie makes a drastic move to protect the ranch. John prepares to partner with a former pair of foes. Jimmy takes a shot at a bronc riding competition." Read WTW's Yellowstone season 2 episode 6 recap.

Yellowstone season 2 episode 7, "Resurrection Day"
"Tensions escalate as the Beck brothers become frustrated by the Duttons' unwillingness to play ball. Jamie looks for a fresh start. Tate gets his first horse." Read WTW's Yellowstone season 2 episode 7 recap.

Yellowstone season 2 episode 8, "Behind Us Only Grey"
"John and Rip seek revenge. Monica ponders the consequences of her living situation. Jimmy clears old debts." Read WTW's Yellowstone season 2 episode 8 recap.

Yellowstone season 2 cast

All of the main players from Yellowstone season 1 are back. That includes the entire group of actors playing the Dutton family: Kevin Costner as patriarch John Dutton, Kelly Reilly as Beth, Luke Grimes as Kayce, Kelsey Asbille as Monica, Brecken Merrill as Tate and Wes Bentley as Jamie. Cole Hauser also continues as the Yellowstone's right-hand man Rip.

The Yellowstone's main adversaries also return for season 2 with Gil Birmingham's Thomas Rainwater and Danny Huston's Dan Jenkins. However, some new opposing forces also emerge in the Beck brothers, Malcolm and Teal, played by Neal McDonough and Terry Serpico, respectively.

Other members of the Yellowstone cast that return for season 2 include:

  • Jefferson White as Jimmy Hurdstrom

  • Ryan Bingham as Walker

  • Tanaya Beatty as Avery

  • Forrie J. Smith as Lloyd

  • Ian Bohen as Ryan

  • Denim Richards as Colby

  • Jake Ream as Jake

  • Katherine Cunningham as Christina

  • Rudy Ramos as Felix

  • Mo Brings Plenty as Mo

  • Wendy Moniz as Governor Perry

  • Timothy Carhart as AG Stewart

  • Atticus Todd as Ben Waters

  • Hugh Dillon as Sheriff Donnie Haskell

  • Michaela Conlin as Sarah Nguyen

  • David Cleveland Brown as Jason

  • Michael Nouri as Bob Schwartz

  • Josh Lucas as Young John Dutton

  • Kylie Rogers as Young Beth

  • Kyle Red Silverstein as Young Rip

Some new members of the case include James Jordan (Special Ops: Lioness) as Livestock Agent Steve Hendon, Kelly Rohrbach (Baywatch) as Cassidy Reid, Steven Williams (The Chi) as the Cowboy and Martin Sensmeier (1883)as Martin.

Yellowstone season 2 plot

When we last left the Duttons, John was trying to make sure the family was prepared even if he dies from the cancer he is suffering from. But that doesn't mean won't fight, as he commits to Beth that he has no plans of going anywhere. However, John still faces threats from Rainwater and Jenkins trying to build a casino adjacent to the Yellowstone; from Sarah Nguyen's article where Jamie is a source; and the push to have him removed as Livestock Commissioner.

Elsewhere, Kayce had returned to the Yellowstone after Monica told him they needed to be apart and she recovered from her injuries, while Jamie has been completely cut off from his family.

In addition to those plotlines continuing, season 2 will see the emergence of a new threat in the Beck brothers.

Yellowstone season 2 trailer

Check out the trailer for Yellowstone season 2 right here:

How to watch Yellowstone season 2

If you're interested in watching Yellowstone season 2 when it airs on CBS, you can do so if you have a traditional pay-TV subscription, a TV antenna to receive local CBS stations' over-the-air signals or a live TV streaming service that carries CBS, which includes Fubo, Hulu with Live TV and YouTube TV.

If you don't want to wait for Yellowstone to air each Sunday, you can stream the entirety of season 2 right now on Peacock in the US. For fans outside of the US, Yellowstone is available to stream on Paramount Plus.