Yellowstone’s Cole Hauser on Creating Rip and Beth’s ‘Imperfect’ Love Story With Kelly Reilly, Whether Marriage Will Change Things

Rip and Beth forever. Ahead of the season 5 premiere, Yellowstone star Cole Hauser is reflecting on how far Rip and Beth have come – and whether getting married will change their dynamic. “[Fans will see] more of Beth and I married, obviously,” the 47-year-old actor exclusively told Us Weekly. “Some pretty amazing stuff, cowboy wise. … The actors and I got to do a lot of stuff that we've never been able to do before. I think we've earned the trust of [creator] Taylor [Sheridan] and he's allowed us to go and really cowboy for the first time. So that's been really cool. And then I think Rip being kind of thrusted into being the foreman without John [Kevin Costner] around is a new experience for the character as well.” Viewers watched Rip and Kelly Reilly’s Beth Dutton wed in the season 4 finale as her dad, John, prepared to take on the role of governor of Montana. Cole Hauser Gregory Pace/Shutterstock “I don't think it'll affect anything when it comes to decision making,” Hauser told Us about life on the ranch post-wedding. “I mean, he still listens to John. I mean, he's his boss, but same time too, John has put a lot of responsibility on him this year.” When asked why the couple have resonated with fans, he cited how “imperfect” the pairing is. “And I think Taylor does a great job of putting that on paper. And then Kelly and I take it and we put our spin on it,” Hauser explained. “And where there's moments that, maybe, there would be anger, there's love instead. And there's a lot of levels to the characters that Kelly and I have just found throughout the years. And I think it's wonderful that people actually still care about the two of them the way they do.” Cole Hauser as Rip Wheeler and Kelly Reilly as Beth Dutton. Danno Nell/Paramount/Kobal/Shutterstock While he’s been portraying Rip since the 2018 premiere, Hauser told Us that he’s “completely opposite” from his onscreen persona. “But I think going and spending time with Taylor, getting him back on a horse in Texas, usually it just starts to bleed into Rip a little bit and talking with them and sparking the creative conversation again about the year,” he said. “And usually being away from the family for months at a time too, and just being focused on the journey of that year and the character.” Cole Hauser as Rip Wheeler and Kelly Reilly as Beth Dutton. Paramount Season 5 of Yellowstone premieres on Paramount Network Sunday, November 13, at 8 p.m. ET. With reporting by Leanne Aciz Stanton