This year’s SAG Awards will feature all female presenters, which is great but not enough

Considering Kristen Bell is literally the most likable and affable person in Hollywood, along with her actor husband Dax Shepard, it’s no wonder the Screen Actors Guild tapped her to be the first female host of its annual award show.

In addition to Bell’s honor, E! News has confirmed that the presenters slated for the show will be all women as a way to stand in solidarity with the manifold sexual harassment allegations that have come to light over the last few months. It seems like it’s been years, doesn’t it?

Initial reaction: This is great news! After further thought, we can’t help but think how wonderful and just it would be for the sexual harassment to not happen in the first place so industry execs aren’t scrambling last minute to cast every willing woman in Hollywood as a presenter.

Jackie Oshry, co-host of The Morning Breath, speaks for all of us when she says, “Watching female presenters on TV does not make up for sexual harassment in the workplace that the women who are watching this experience every day.”

Maybe 2018 will be the year that Hollywood won’t have to overcompensate for decades of poor judgment.

Also, did we mention that The Morning Breath’s very own Claudia Oshry is a new SAG member? Let it be known her invitation for the Jan. 29 show has been lost in the mail.