These Yamaha Stage Custom Birch demos will make you question why you need a more expensive drum kit

 Joshua Johnson demos Yamaha Stage Custom Birch drum kit
Joshua Johnson demos Yamaha Stage Custom Birch drum kit

You know the Yamaha Stage Custom: it’s the mid-priced drum kit that’s given thousands of drummers their start since its introduction in 1996. But, despite its undeniable success, the $749 Stage Custom Birch sits in the ‘affordable, reliable, gigging workhorse’ category rather than being an ultimate dream machine.

But, if you’ve ever turned your nose up, or merely wondered why the Stage Custom is such a dependable intermediate set, Yamaha’s latest demo videos have the answer. The videos features the latest incarnation of Yamaha’s Stage Custom Birch, finished in the recently-announced Deep Blue Sunburst lacquer.

Tank and the Bangas drummer, Joshua Johnson puts the kit through its paces, aided by a crisp sounding set of Zildjian K Custom Special Dry cymbals ,drumming along to the band’s songs Why Try and Oak Tree.

The funky, neo-soul tunes provide the perfect backdrop for Joshua’s varied grooves and tastefully executed chops, navigating his way around the 8”/10”/12”/16” tom setup with some impressive fills that show off the kit’s tuning range.

Curiously, Johnson has opted for a clear, rather than coated snare head, prompting some viewers to comment that they will try out this rare choice for the first time, or at least the first time in a long time.

Now, obviously, these video features multiple microphones and likely a decent amount of EQ and compression processing. It also appears that the stock heads have been swapped for USA Remo Ambassadors or Emperors. But ultimately, it’s the sound of the drums captured under mics, and proof that with the right tuning this mid-priced staple is still going strong.

Yamaha Stage Custom Birch kits are made from 100% birch shells and come in two ‘Standard’ configurations (22”/10”/12”/14” or 20”/10”/12”/16”), with add-on drums available in diameters ranging from 8” - 24”.

They’re fitted with a host of Yamaha features including Y.E.S.S. suspension mounts, Absolute lugs and hardware found on Yamaha’s higher-end kits, and a choice of eight lacquer finishes.