Vote for the Best Sex Scene!

·Deputy Editor, Yahoo Entertainment

It’s time! After a week of nominations, the inaugural Yahooies!, Yahoo TV’s awards honoring the best of the 2014-15 TV season (including summer shows), reaches the voting round. For the next three weeks, we’ll roll out one category a day with a poll to crown its winner.

We begin with the Best Sex Scene category. And the nominees are…

The First Time, Arrow


After a three-season journey from Felicity comically ogling Oliver’s shirtless torso to him telling her that he loves her, it happened. Fearing they’d never see each other again and hearing Felicity say that she loves him, too, Oliver made the first move, taking off her glasses. But the reason we like this scene: It’s Felicity who signals this is the moment Olicity fans had been waiting for when she removes her jacket. (And then Oliver immediately takes off his shirt, because he knows it’s what Felicity would want. And for that, we thank him.)

The Political Pillow Talk, Game of Thrones


Just when you’re thinking, Yes! A woman on Game of Thrones gets to have consensual sex this season!, Dany tells her jealous lover, Daario, that she couldn’t marry him even if she wanted to: “Then you are the only person in Meereen who’s not free,” he tells her. The mood is ruined for Dany, but good dialogue is a turn on for us, and he’s not done. He makes another suggestion: She should slaughter the masters. “I am a queen, not a butcher,” she insists. “All rulers are either butchers or meat,” he answers.

The Information Act, How to Get Away With Murder


Shondaland shows are known for putting an ‘S’ in the TV rating, but the first hookup between playboy law student Connor and shy IT guy Oliver was the kind of steamy normally reserved for cable. Even Oliver thought Connor really just wanted emails from him. “I did, but I want this to… Turn over,” Connor said, kissing a path down Oliver’s back. Let’s just say the scene was surprising on multiple levels.

The Good Morning, Outlander


Readers had two popular picks for Outlander’s best love scene — Jamie and Claire’s second time on their wedding night, when Jamie was taught the pleasure of a certain act, and this one, when Jamie woke Claire up in “By the Pricking of My Thumbs" by returning the favor. We chose it because it’s the morning after Jamie and Claire’s passionate but near violent makeup sex following her rescue from Black Jack, and the return to a more sensual intimacy was welcome — as were Jamie’s growls of “No… no” when a knock at the door threatened to interrupt him but he insisted on finishing what he’d started.

The Orgy, Sense8


Talk about foreplay! By the sixth episode of Sense8, we’ve seen the eight sensates port themselves into each other’s heads at both opportune and inopportune moments. This time, they learn that their power can be used for their own pleasure. While Will pumps iron in Chicago, Wolfgang relaxes in a hot tub in Berlin, Lito and his boyfriend make out on a rooftop in Mexico City, and Nomi enjoys some morning delight with Amanita in San Fransisco, their minds (and bodies) merge together creating television’s first global orgy. All in all, it’s one sens8tional sequence. — Ethan Alter

The F–ktage, Sons of Anarchy


Yes, the final season’s tenth episode opens with a four-minute montage of pretty much every main character having sex (leading executive producer/director Paris Barclay to coin the term above), but it served a higher purpose than ruffling the Parents Television Council and showing fans, for the next-to-last time, Charlie Hunnam’s bare backside. It encapsulated how everyone was dealing with a beloved club member’s death, from Tig finding comfort with Venus, to Jax burying and losing his pain in Winsome, who suddenly seemed to resemble his late wife, Tara.