Yahoo's Mental Health Month Logo Swap

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Created by Lucas Wakamatsu
Created by Lucas Wakamatsu

We’re about helping you go all in on what you love, but when you’re going through something, it can be hard to be your most passionate self. This Mental Health Awareness Month (and forever), we’re here to help you feel better, or just feel it, with tools, resources and a judgement-free zone. Because the world needs more love and more full-on you. Read more about mental health at Yahoo Life.

Our logo today was designed by mental health advocate and Brazilian illustrator, Lucas Wakamatsu. His work is known for its bright and eye-catching colors mixed with playful shapes, which creates a modern and pleasant visual. Learn more about his story below and how it influenced this logo design.

Q&A with our logo artist, Lucas Wakamatsu

Why is mental health advocacy meaningful to you personally?

For years I’ve neglected my mental health, mostly because I didn’t even know it was something I should care about. And at some point this behavior made my life miserable. I was having huge anxiety crises everyday, and in some moments, I wished that I wasn’t even alive. I never felt worse in my life… but fortunately, some years later, after seeking professional help, I got much better! And living this experience made me want to help others in some way.

What kinds of tools or things have you done to support your mental health?

The most important thing that I did was to look for professional help/support. Besides that, I always try to talk to friends and family about my feelings and concerns, whether digitally or in person. I've also taken some time to learn and practice new things to support my mental health, such as meditation and reading/researching about anxiety and OCD. I also love to run, and having an exercise routine has helped me a lot.

How do you hope to inspire people with this logo?

I aim to create a positive and supportive message - positivity has always helped me and hopefully will help others. I hope this can influence even one person by creating awareness and discussion, and draw attention to the topic of mental health.

Take a look below at all of the early logo sketches that Lucas designed in honor of Mental Health Awareness Month prior to landing on our final design:

Yahoo's Mental Health Logo Swap by Lucas Wakamatsu.
Yahoo's Mental Health Logo Swap by Lucas Wakamatsu.

To see more of Lucas’ work check out his website at and on Instagram @lucaswakamatsu.