New Xbox Dev Kit Could Point to Future Console

new Xbox dev kit
new Xbox dev kit

A future Xbox console may be on the way, as South Korean regulators recently approved a new dev kit. While it might be too soon for a new console generation, Microsoft could be working on an equivalent to the PS5 Pro.

New Xbox developer kit approved in Korea

Xbox News For Koreans broke the story and shared the news on Twitter. According to their post, South Korea’s National Radio Research Agency officially approved the “XDK Console” on March 18. With this approval now granted, Microsoft can begin distributing it to Korean game developers.

It’s hard to say what this new developer kit is specifically for. It may be an overhauled Xbox Series X console, essentially a “Series X Pro.” This would hardly be unpreceded, as both the 360 and One had multiple upgraded versions. The 360 had the Pro, Elite, S, and E versions, while the Xbox One had the confusingly named X and S models.

Others have suggested it could be for a new handheld console. While systems like the Logitech G Cloud and Razer Edge fill that niche via Cloud Gaming, Microsoft never developed a first-party handheld. However, as former Xbox head Robbie Bach revealed, Microsoft discussed it internally multiple times. Given the company’s recent investments in mobile gaming, a portable console might be back on the table.

A third option could be something VR-related. At one point, Microsoft intended to release a VR headset for the Xbox One. However, the company has been quiet about console VR for some time.

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