X-Men: New X-Factor Arises

X-Factor 1 cover by Greg Land cropped
(Image Source: Marvel / Greg Land)

Krakoa has fallen, but the X-Men will rise anew From The Ashes. Now, in addition to the previously announced new series, Marvel Comics has announced a new X-Factor series. However, it will center around a new team unlike any seen before.

The new X-Factor series will be written by Eisner Award winning writer Mark Russell. Marvel fans will recognize him as the writer of the retro miniseries Fantastic Four: Life Story. He will be joined by acclaimed X-Men artist Bob Quinn, whose work was most recently featured in Knights of X.

“It’s so exciting to be back and drawing mutants in the X-Men universe again, and doubly exciting to work with Mark again,” Quinn stated. “To my mind, Mark’s mix of humor and ability to shine a light on the peculiarities of modern society make him the perfect writer to tackle the relaunch of X-Factor. Drawing this team and every unexpected twist and turn of the story has been a blast so far, and I can’t wait for readers to get their hands on it.”

Mark Russell is equally excited to be working on the new X-Factor. “The thing I’ve always loved about the X-Men is that they’re characters first, super heroes second,” Russell shared. Beyond defining the post-Krakoa reality, Russell hopes to explore the question of “how do we help each other survive the apathy of the world we live in?”

New X-Factor a New Kind of Superhero Team

In the wake of the collapse of Krakoa, there is an outbreak of mutant paramilitary squads and mercenary teams. This leads the American government to revive X-Factor, as a response to groups like the Mutant Underground and X-Term. Part special agents and part celebrity propaganda machine, the new team is co-led by Havok and Angel. It will also feature Pyro, Frenzy, and Feral among other recruits.

It should be noted that X-Factor has existed as a government-sponsored superhero team before. However, the new team is described as “the most powerful, most patriotic, most marketable mutant heroes to stem the tide and make the world safe for democracy!” This affirms that Russell’s satiric scalpel, so prevalent in series like Batman: Dark Age, will be sharper than ever in this new series.

X-Factor #1 arrives in comic shops everywhere on August 14, 2024.