'X-Files' fans are irate after crazy twist in the 11th season premiere

The X-Files returned Wednesday night for its 11th, and possibly final, season. Gillian Anderson has said that she won’t be returning for a 12th season — and after the crazy twist at the end of Wednesday’s premiere, fans might be done with the show as well.

The show ended with the Cigarette Smoking Man sitting in a car, telling Walter Skinner that he impregnated Agent Scully using “alien science.” Flashbacks showed scenes from the Season 7 episode “En Ami,” in which Scully accused CSM of drugging her on a mysterious road trip. It turned out she was right and CSM had actually impregnated her to “create the first superhuman child.” Back in the car, Skinner pushed CSM for answers, asking, “Mulder’s not the father? I’m asking. Who’s the father?” The Cigarette Smoking Man responded, “I am. William is my son.” (Read what ‘X-Files’ creator Chris Carter has to say about the twist here.)

Twitter erupted following the Maury Povich-style shocker, with fans tweeting things such as, “That was the worst twist ever. I feel violated.” Many of the angry tweets were directed toward X-Files creator Chris Carter.

Did you like the baby daddy twist? Or are you hoping the real truth is still out there?

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