WWE's WrestleMania 39 Is Less Than A Week Away, And The Bray Wyatt Situation Just Got Even More Confusing

 Bray Wyatt in the WWE
Bray Wyatt in the WWE
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The WWE is just a week away from delivering WrestleMania 39 and, while the match card is largely set, there still are a few key question marks surrounding some major matches. Few are as big as the one featuring Bobby Lashley and Bray Wyatt, who were supposed to throw down following Wyatt's taunting of him after Elimination Chamber. Subsequent reports of Wyatt being sick have put the match into question, and the latest information has made the situation even more confusing.

Not long ago, Bobby Lashley confirmed he'd be having a match at WrestleMania regardless of who he had to face and, now, we have a Bray Wyatt sighting. A Twitter user shared a photo with Wyatt looking no different than he usually appears, and he was all smiles as he posed with the fan on a sidewalk. Wyatt looked well in the photo but, of course, a firm pose for a photo alone says nothing of his readiness or ability to compete against Lashley at WrestleMania 39.

The story does get more interesting, however, when you consider what Ringside News learned from a "tenured member of the creative team" when asking about the Eater of Worlds' status for the event. According to this unnamed person, not even those within the WWE's creative circle are 100% sure what's going on with him at WrestleMania 39:

No one here knows — top-level information, and it’s not flowing down.

The situation got even more confusing when it was announced on the latest SmackDown that Bobby Lashley would participate in this year's Andre The Giant Battle Royale. Lashley is the only person in that royale that has a guaranteed match announced at WrestleMania 39, so this could arguably be a way of setting him up with an alternate opponent if the WWE has to switch gears.

The popular theory is that if Bray Wyatt and Bobby Lashley's alleged face-off doesn't happen, L.A. Knight -- who is also in the battle royale -- might go up against Lashley instead. Knight has been griping a lot in recent weeks about not being involved in the Hollywood show (despite his name), so this would be a great way to work the character in.

Additionally, CinemaBlend can officially say that Alexa Bliss confirmed she will be present at WrestleMania 39, though she didn't elaborate any further than that. It was teased that Bliss was being targeted by the Man of 1,000 Truths and his cohort, Uncle Howdy, prior to WrestleMania 39. So if she's involved, one would think they are as well.

This is definitely a head-scratcher, and it gets even more disorienting when factoring Bray Wyatt's persona into the speculation. Wyatt has consistently used deceptive tactics to surprise fans and get his characters over, and part of the fun associated with his current alter ego is never knowing where or when he might show up. Given that, wouldn't it be super exciting to be more or less certain that Wyatt won't be at WrestleMania 39 only for him to show up? That would be cool, though if I had to choose between that and knowing Wyatt will definitely be at WrestleMania 39, I'd choose the latter.

Anyone with a Peacock Premium subscription can tune into WrestleMania 39 on Saturday, April 1st, and on Sunday, April 2nd. Now would be a perfect time to subscribe and maybe even revisit some iconic WWE moments of the past.