WWE Star Logan Paul Unloaded On A TikTok User After He Claimed Prime Has 'Forever Chemicals'

 Logan paul on his impaulsive podcast.
Logan paul on his impaulsive podcast.
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In a little over a decade, Logan Paul has become known for many things to millions of people. He’s an influencer and one of the highest paid YouTube creators. He’s a podcaster, actor, entrepreneur, boxer of legends, and (as wrestling fans will know) has been a member of the WWE roster since summer 2022, which was precipitated by his stunning WrestleMania 38 debut a couple of months prior. However, he’s also been known to be involved in a number of controversies, but he recently unloaded on a TikTok user after they claimed his Prime drink has “forever chemicals” in it.

How Did Logan Paul Unload On The Tik Tok User Who Claimed Prime Has ‘Forever Chemicals’?

As mentioned earlier, Logan Paul has parlayed his YouTube fame into a number of other pursuits, including the co-founding of an incredibly popular Gatorade-like sports drink, Prime, while not doing things like performing at and then crying after WrestleMania 40. His company was hit with a class action lawsuit in August 2023 for supposedly containing some toxic chemicals, and after a TikTok user appeared to confirm the alleged issue, Paul took to X and unloaded on the creator while supporting what he believes is his company’s innocence:

By now, I’m sure we’ve all seen a number of celebrities, as well as regular folks, go to social media and post impassioned videos about one subject or another, but…WOW. Say what you will about Logan Paul, but the man is good on the mic and knows how to issue a strongly worded rebuttal that clearly gives his side and manages to also impart information and (dare I say it) entertain. All of that, even without a wild frog splash in front of many thousands of people.

It’s no wonder that after pissing off a number of WWE fans (one might say, nearly all of them) when he began showing up, and being considered one of the worst parts of WrestleMania 37, he pretty quickly turned himself into one of wrestling’s biggest stars that fans love to hate, instead of just hate.

Part of the reason why the claims against Prime are coming up again, despite the suit being filed many months ago, is that another class action suit was filed against the company by a different complainant on April 8 (via USA Today), alleging that the beverage actually has an additional 15-25 milligrams of caffeine than advertised.

While it might be a while before either lawsuit is wrapped up in court, the over-the-top heel doesn’t appear to be at all concerned about what could come from his business being under some scrutiny right now. And, even though he certainly threatened legal action against the “TikTok lawyer” who posted the original video, I don’t think any WWE fans would mind if they took their joint grievances to the squared circle at some point in the future.