WWE Royal Rumble Results – January 28, 2023

WWE Royal Rumble Results - January 28, 2023
WWE Royal Rumble Results - January 28, 2023

WWE Royal Rumble Results 
January 31, 2023

Men’s Royal Rumble Match 

Miz refuses to get in the ring and Gunther tries to throw Sheamus over the ropes. Miz then grabs Sheamus before hopping off the apron, then Sheamus goes under the ropes and gives chase. After Gargano gets in the ring, Sheamus hits Miz with Ten Beats. Gargano superkicks Miz, then Sheamus eliminates him after a Brogue Kick.

Gunther clubs Sheamus in the corner, then McIntyre and Woods attack Gunther. Everyone retreats to a corner and fights for position as Angelo Dawkins makes his way in. Dawkins connects with a spinning elbow and an enziguiri in the corner, then Gunther tries to eliminate both Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods. Kofi saves himself but Gunther sends Woods to the floor, then Escobar lifts Kofi up and eats a dropkick. Gunther sends Kofi into a chair on the floor, and commentary questions if he’s still in the match because one foot landed on the chair instead of both feet on the floor.

Brock Lesnar comes in and takes everyone to Suplex City before facing off with Gunther. Lashley makes his way in at 13, and Gunther uses the opportunity to knee Lesnar in the ribs. Brock fights back and slams him down, then turns right into a spear from Lashley. McIntyre and Sheamus run into spears, then Lashley tackles Gunther before reversing an F-5 and clotheslining Lesnar out of the ring! Lesnar is visibly pissed and throws the ring steps, then clotheslines Baron Corbin and hits an F-5 on the floor. Lesnar grabs a ref by the throat and shoves him over the barricade as Seth Rollins makes his way to the ring at the halfway point.

Rey Mysterio’s number is called but he never shows up, then Rollins throws Lashley over the ropes. Otis does the worm as we wait for the next entrant… and it’s Dominik Mysterio at 18! Dominik mocks Rey by ripping his mask apart on the way to the ring.

Dominik avoids getting in the ring for a bit. Elias smashes his guitar over Gunther’s back before getting hit with a Claymore and Brogue. Elias is thrown to the floor as Finn Balor makes his way to the ring. Dom hides behind Balor after eliminating Johnny Gargano, then Booker T makes his way to the ring. Booker hits Balor with the Book End and does a Spinaroonie, then Gunther grabs him after the spin and throws him outside. Damien Priest is in at 22, and The Judgment Day has the numbers advantage. Judgment Day attacks Gunther, Sheamus, McIntyre and Rollins, keeping them grounded as Montez Ford makes his way out. Ford skins the cat to avoid one elimination, but Priest sends him right back out.

Edge is back at 24, and he hands out spears to Priest, Balor and Dominik. Edge whips Priest and Balor outside and faces off with Rollins, then Edge tries to throw Dom over the ropes. Balor jumps up and pulls Edge over the ropes, and his time in the match is short-lived. Edge rushes up the ramp and attacks Priest and Balor, and Austin Theory motions to Edge that he’s staying out of it. Edge throws Priest into the light board before Rhea Ripley hits him from behind, then Beth Phoenix rushes out and spears her on the floor. Agents and referees run out and separate them as the action continues in the ring. Omos enters and chokeslams Gunther, then Braun Strowman comes in and it’s time for a monster fight! Omos and Braun go toe-to-toe, with Braun getting the best of Omos with a clothesline over the ropes.

Sheamus and McIntyre try to throw Braun outside with clubs to the chest, but he fights off elimination. Gunther ends up tying up with Sheamus and McIntyre, and ultimately overpowers them both and shoves them over the top rope! Logan Paul comes out at 29 and talks trash, and everyone gangs up on him and stomps him on the mat. Ricochet tries to throw him over the ropes but Paul floats over and fires back with a clothesline. Gunther throws Paul on the apron, but Paul stuns him with a kick and re-enters the ring. Paul and Strowman face off, with Braun hoisting him up to hit a powerslam. Ricochet follows with a running shooting star press and Braun throws him to the apron.

Cody Rhodes comes right in and hits a springboard cutter on Theory. Dominik goes for Three Amigos on Cody, hitting two before Cody floats over and hits Cross Rhodes. Cody whips Dominik out to the floor and the crowd pops. Gunther scoop slams Cody, then Braun slams him down. Ricochet evens things up and he and Paul talk trash before each hitting an insane springboard spot in the middle of the ring. Cody ends up eliminating Braun and Theory, then Rollins screams at him about not stealing his spotlight again. Rollins hits a Pedigree, then Cody hits one of his own. Rollins and Cody slug it out in the middle of the ring, then Rollins avoids Cross Rhodes and goes for a stomp. Cody counters, Rollins hits a superkick and goes for a Pedigree. Logan Paul runs back in and throws Rollins over the ropes, shocking everyone.

Paul talks trash and points at the WrestleMania sign, then turns into a Cross Rhodes and gets sent to the floor. It’s down to Cody Rhodes and Gunther now, and Gunther chops the heck out of Rhodes in the corner. Rhodes ducks a clothesline and hangs Gunther on the top rope, then goes for a Disaster Kick. Gunther telegraphs it and keeps on the attack, chopping Cody’s chest before climbing up to the top turnbuckle. Gunther stomps Cody’s chest and tries to eliminate him, but Cody powers to his feet and rams his shoulder into Gunther’s ribs.

Cody heads up top and Gunther meets him, setting up and hitting a superplex. Cody fights back and sends Gunther back to the apron, then stuns him with an uppercut and hangs his legs in the middle ropes. Cody hits Shattered Dreams in the corner, but Gunther comes right back and hits a powerbomb before whipping Cody over the top rope. Cody hangs on and Gunther clubs away, then he puts Cody in a sleeperhold on the apron. Cody tries to drop to his feet and pull Gunther over the ropes, but Gunther ends up letting go. Gunther punches Rhodes and sets up for a powerslam, but Rhodes counters with Cross Rhodes and finally throws Gunther out to win the match.

Winner of the 2023 Men’s Royal Rumble – Cody Rhodes 

Order of entry:

  1. Gunther

  2. Sheamus

  3. The Miz

  4. Kofi Kingston

  5. Johnny Gargano

  6. Xavier Woods

  7. Karrion Kross

  8. Chad Gable

  9. Drew McIntyre

  10. Santos Escobar

  11. Angelo Dawkins

  12. Brock Lesnar

  13. Bobby Lashley

  14. Baron Corbin

  15. Seth Rollins

  16. Otis

  17. Rey Mysterio (doesn’t show up)

  18. Dominik Mysterio

  19. Elias

  20. Finn Balor

  21. Booker T

  22. Damien Priest

  23. Montez Ford

  24. Edge

  25. Austin Theory

  26. Omos

  27. Braun Strowman

  28. Ricochet

  29. Logan Paul

  30. Cody Rhodes

Order of elimination:

  1. The Miz (via Sheamus)

  2. Karrion Kross (via Drew McIntyre)

  3. Xavier Woods (via Gunther)

  4. Kofi Kingston (via Gunther)

  5. Santos Escobar (via Brock Lesnar)

  6. Angelo Dawkins (via Brock Lesnar)

  7. Chad Gable (via Brock Lesnar)

  8. Brock Lesnar (via Bobby Lashley)

  9. Baron Corbin (via Seth Rollins)

  10. Bobby Lashley (via Seth Rollins)

  11. Otis (via Sheamus and Drew McIntyre)

  12. Elias (via Sheamus and Drew McIntyre)

  13. Johnny Gargano (via Finn Balor and Dominik)

  14. Booker T (via Gunther)

  15. Montez Ford (via Damian Priest)

  16. Damian Priest (via Edge)

  17. Finn Balor (via Edge)

  18. Edge (via Finn Balor)

  19. Omos (via Braun Strowman)

  20. Sheamus (via Gunther)

  21. Drew McIntyre (via Gunther)

  22. Dominik Mysterio (via Cody Rhodes)

  23. Braun Strowman (via Cody Rhodes)

  24. Ricochet (via Austin Theory)

  25. Austin Theory (via Cody Rhodes)

  26. Seth Rollins (via Logan Paul)

  27. Logan Paul (via Cody Rhodes)

  28. Gunther (via Cody Rhodes)

*Note — Rey Mysterio was supposed to be the 17th entrant, but he never entered the match

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