WWE 2K24 guide, release date and everything you need to know

 WWE 2K24.
WWE 2K24.
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WWE 2K24 has landed – and what a year it is for the rejuvenated wrestling series. We awarded WWE 2K24 four stars in our review, with ongoing MyFaction concerns the only real headache. Aside from that there's so much good to enjoy, such as the new casket, ambulance and gauntlet matches. We have full details on all those elements, along with the WWE 2K24 cover star and trailer, in your WWE 2K24 guide.

WWE 2K24 release date

WWE 2K24
WWE 2K24

The WWE 2K24 release date was March 8, 2024. However, those who pre-ordered either the Deluxe or 40 Years of WrestleMania edition got the game three days early, on March 5, 2024. Inevitably they received other goodies for their money, too, such as alternate versions of cover star Cody Rhodes. You can see exactly what's contained in each version below.

WWE 2K24 trailer

The first WWE 2K24 trailer dropped ahead of the Royal Rumble, which saw Cody Rhodes and Bayley win their respective 30-wrestler brawls, and book their tickets to WrestleMania 40. The video offers plenty of footage from the 40 Years of WrestleMania mode, plus a tease of the new casket and special guest referee matches. Hit the image above to watch.

WWE 2K24 cover star

WWE 2K24
WWE 2K24

The WWE 2K24 cover star is Cody Rhodes, with the former AEW Fight Forever favorite headed to WrestleMania in the hope of capturing his first WWE world title. That quest has inspired the game's catch line: "finish your story", after Rhodes fell short of this goal last year.

Rhea Ripley and Bianca Belair share the cover of the WWE 2K24 deluxe edition, while the 40 Years of WrestleMania edition features a montage of retro stars such as Hulk Hogan, Steve Austin, and Andre The Giant.

WWE 2K24 Pre-orders

WWE 2K24
WWE 2K24

These were the three different tiers of WWE 2K24 pre-order available, with each offering a different set of access and unlockable items. Here's the breakdown of what you could get in each WWE 2K24 edition:

WWE 2K24 Standard Edition

  • Dusty Rhodes (with MyFaction card)

  • Mattel Cody Rhodes (with MyFaction card)

  • Stardust Superstar Billy Graham

  • Undashing Cody Rhodes

  • Pharaoh card for MyFaction (manager)

WWE 2K24 Deluxe Edition

  • 3 Days early access

  • All standard edition bonuses

  • Rhea Ripley alt attire & MyFaction gold card

  • Bianca Belair alt attire & MyFaction gold card Season Pass (5 DLC packs)

  • MyRise Mega Boost

  • SuperCharger

WWE 2K24 40 Years of WrestleMania Edition

  • All standard edition & deluxe edition bonuses

  • WrestleMania 40 arena

  • Macho King Randy Savage (WrestleMania 6)

  • Rey Mysterio (WrestleMania 22)

  • Triple H (WrestleMania 30)

  • Charlotte Flair (WrestleMania 33)

  • Rhea Ripley (WrestleMania 36)

  • Gold MyFaction cards for all five above wrestlers

WWE 2K24 new match types

WWE 2K24
WWE 2K24

Four new match types are featured in WWE 2K24. They are the ambulance match, casket match, gauntlet match, and special guest referee match. Backstage brawl bouts have also been expanded with interactive vending machines, cars, and even a working elevator. You can read more about those, plus other new features such as super finishers, in GR+'s WWE 2K24 preview.

WWE 2K24 40 Years of WrestleMania matches

WWE 2K24
WWE 2K24

In-game, 40 Years of WrestleMania is known as Showcase of the Immortals. These are the matches featured in the mode:

  • Ricky Steamboat vs Randy Savage (WrestleMania 3)

  • Hulk Hogan vs Andre The Giant (WrestleMania 3)

  • Rick Rude vs Ultimate Warrior (WrestleMania 5)

  • Hulk Hogan vs Randy Savage (WrestleMania 5)

  • Ultimate Warrior vs Hulk Hogan (WrestleMania 6)

  • Bret Hart vs Roddy Piper (WrestleMania 8)

  • Razor Ramon vs Shawn Michaels (WrestleMania 10)

  • Bret Hart vs Steve Austin (WrestleMania 13)

  • Steve Austin vs The Rock (WrestleMania 17)

  • Eddie Guerrero vs Kurt Angle (WrestleMania 20)

  • Kurt Angle vs Shawn Michaels (WrestleMania 21)

  • Undertaker vs Shawn Michaels (WrestleMania 25)

  • Brock Lesnar vs Undertaker (WrestleMania 30)

  • Randy Orton vs Seth Rollins (WrestleMania 31)

  • Brock Lesnar vs Roman Reigns (WrestleMania 31)

  • Becky Lynch vs Ronda Rousey vs Charlotte Flair (WrestleMania 35)

  • Bray Wyatt vs John Cena (WrestleMania 36)

  • Steve Austin vs Kevin Owens (WrestleMania 38)

  • Charlotte Flair vs Rhea Ripley (WrestleMania 39)

  • Bianca Belair vs Asuka (WrestleMania 39)

  • Roman Reigns vs Cody Rhodes (WrestleMania 39)

  • 30-Man Royal Rumble (Bonus Match)

WWE 2K24 DLC release schedule

WWE 2K24
WWE 2K24

There will be five WWE 2K24 DLC drops. CM Punk is the biggest name to make the Season Pass offering, while other intriguing names include the Dudley Boyz, Sandman, and Michelle McCool. Unlike the WWE 2K23 DLC list, only one NXT wrestler makes the cut: women's champion Lyra Valkyria. The release schedule is below, and you can get full details of what's in each pack via our WWE 2K24 DLC guide.

  • WWE 2K24 DLC Pack 1: May 15

  • WWE 2K24 DLC Pack 2: June 26

  • WWE 2K24 DLC Pack 3: July 24

  • WWE 2K24 DLC Pack 4: September 20

  • WWE 2K24 DLC Pack 5: November 13

WWE 2K24 new legends

WWE 2K24
WWE 2K24

Many icons from previous games are already locked into the WWE 2K24 roster, and have been mentioned above – we're talking Hulk Hogan, Shawn Michaels, Steve Austin, Triple H, and numerous others. However, the recent series of mobile game WWE SuperCard suggested that many new (old!) faces may be set to join them, too. Sure enough, Ken Shamrock and William Regal make long-awaited returns, while we're even getting Japanese icon The Great Muta as DLC. Hit that link for all the names in this year's game, both new and old.

WWE 2K24 MyFaction details

WWE 2K24
WWE 2K24

MyFaction is inevitably back, and the biggest news of all is 'Persona' cards. Unlock these and you can take the character they belong to into all modes – meaning we shouldn't see a repeat of last year's Scott Steiner travesty. 2K added his Big Poppa Pump gimmick, but it was exclusive to that mode. Not a good look when it's the only one in the game offering paid-for currency. Also new this year are ranked quickplay, a revamped Faction Wars 2.0, more 4v4 match types, and a Faction Wars specific reward shop.