The writers strike is over. What does that mean for fall TV?

People load picket signs into vans at the Writers Guild of America headquarters.
People load picket signs into vans at the Writers Guild of America headquarters. | Ric Francis, Associated Press

The Writers Guild of America has officially ended its strike after reaching a tentative deal with the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers.

What will the deal mean for your favorite TV shows and fall TV in general?

According to Time, writers on daytime shows and late-night talk shows could be able to go back to work as soon as the new agreement starts. However, scripted shows will take longer to return, since actors are still on strike.


What shows will be on TV this fall?

Due to a lack of scripted TV shows, the fall TV schedule will probably rely on reruns or previously made episodes of shows that haven’t streamed on top networks, game shows, reality TV shows, animated shows and talk shows, Time reported.

“Reality TV and game shows — as well as morning news shows, talk shows, soap operas, variety shows and sports — are covered by a different SAG-AFTRA contract than the one that expired in mid July,” the article said.

Per Time, scripted shows that will appear on network television or streaming services this fall include:

  • “Quantum Leap.”

  • “Magnum P.I.”

  • “Found.”

  • “The Irrational.”

  • “Krapopolis.”

  • “Gamera Rebirth.”

  • “FLCL: Grunge.”

  • The “Frasier” reboot.

  • “The Continental.”

Reality TV shows that will stream this fall, per Time:

  • “The Golden Bachelor.”

  • “Buddy Games.”

  • “Wheel of Fortune.”

  • “Jeopardy.”

  • “Big Brother.”

Late-night talk shows

Late-night shows may be the first ones returning to the TV programming this fall.

“Because talk shows fall under SAG-AFTRA’s network code deal, which isn’t a part of the talent guild’s current strike, that should allow the hosts (who are all on strike as members of the Writers Guild) to come back immediately,” according to Variety.


What shows won’t be on TV this fall?

Some TV shows anticipated to release new seasons available this fall had to postpone their release as a result of the strikes.

Here is a list of shows that were expected to be distributed on fall, but had their release delayed, per Time:

  • “Abbott Elementary.”

  • “Grey’s Anatomy.”

  • “Ghosts.”

  • “Saturday Night Live.”

  • “Law and Order.”

  • The Emmy Awards.

What about streaming services?

Streaming services generally weren’t as affected as networks by the strikes, because they usually work ahead of time to have the shows ready to run. But some shows will still be affected, either because of unfinished production or the fear of unfavorable debuts related to the lack of press appearances, per Time.