WPCH Atlanta To Become CW Affiliate in Deal With Gray TV

 Peachtree TV
Peachtree TV

Gray Television’s WPCH in Atlanta, known as Peachtree TV, will become a The CW affiliate starting September 2 under a new agreement between Gray and the Nexstar Media Group-owned network.

The CW programming now appears in Atlanta on WUPA, one of the CBS-owned stations that will become an independent station after CBS parent Paramount Global and Warner Bros. Discovery sold their majority stake in the CW to Nexstar.

As part of The CW affiliation, WPCH will carry some Georgia Tech football and basketball games as part of the network’s deal with the Atlantic Coast Conference.

The deal between The CW and Gray also cover affiliation agreements for 42 of Gray’s 55 CW affiliates. The other 13 CW affiliates are covered under previous agreements with the network.

Financial terms were not disclosed.

“Gray Television has been a great partner of The CW from the beginning,” The CW president Dennis Miller said. “We look forward to sharing more success together as we transform and grow the network and add WPCH-TV to The CW’s expanding portfolio of affiliate partners. Atlanta is an important market for the CW, especially with ACC football and basketball debuting this fall and NASCAR’s Xfinity Series racing coming in 2025.”