Woven Baskets Are the Decor Item You Won't Want to Miss This Season

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Some things never go out of style. Point in case? Woven baskets. The decor item has seen a resurgence as of late, proliferating Instagram feeds and designer homes alike. However, it has always been in and out of the zeitgeist. This is perhaps because of its deep roots.

Many cultures across the globe have ancient weaving traditions, with woven baskets dating back thousands of years. Traditional crafts in countries like India, Zimbabwe, and South Africa, as well as indigenous groups across the world, have rich histories of weaving that have been passed on through generations—with brands like Mo’s Crib, Soft Geometry, and The Citizenry carrying them forward into the present day.

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Woven baskets are coveted today for many of the same reasons they always have. For one, they are great catch-alls when it comes to storage. Woven baskets can be used individually or clustered on the floor as a landing place for blankets, shoes, play items, and more. Plus, they can easily be hung on walls with wires or hooks—think storage for towels in the bathroom or wall decor over an entryway bench. Woven baskets are also ideal to tuck into open shelving for a clean, consolidated look. Larger ones can be used as laundry baskets or planters.

Stylistically, woven baskets are quite versatile, offering a neutral color palette and organic feel that melds with most design aesthetics. Commonly, they are found in bohemian, coastal, and farmhouse-style spaces. Though, they’re not limited to just that—adding a breezy, natural element wherever they land. Handwoven baskets often involve hours of meticulous work by skilled artisans. This can be seen in their intricate and diverse weaves, whether achieved through coiling, plaiting, twining, or other techniques.

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Historically, woven baskets were—and still are—made from materials like seagrass, rattan, and reed, among other plant fibers. Though, in the modern age, less traditional materials like leather and recycled plastic are used to craft baskets as well. There are endless shapes and designs to choose from today, based on the culture and era they come from. Ready to get your hands on one yourself? Check out some of our favorite woven baskets, ahead.

Mo's Crib Spark Orange - Recycled PVC Basket/Planter

For a sustainable and ethical option, you can’t go wrong with Mo’s Crib. The South African-based company specializes in these woven baskets made by artisans from recycled PVC water pipes. Though, it doesn’t skimp on style—there are a variety of hues available, from saturated oranges to pretty neutrals so it easily complements your existing decor. Use it to toss in blankets and firewood, or as a planter for a special touch.

Ten Thousand Villages Bright Bits Jute Basket

For a dose of playfulness, this handmade basket does the trick. Sprinkled with color, it instantly brightens up any corner of a room. Plus, it’s crafted from jute and recycled cotton sari fabric for a planet-friendly touch—perfect for playrooms and cozy nooks.

The Citizenry Mercado Woven Hamper

Who says chores have to be a bore? This hamper makes doing laundry look so stylish, complete with a fitted lid and leather handle for added luxury. It’s made from locally-sourced palm leaves by artisans in Guerrero, Mexico, all in a fair-trade environment.

La Jolie Muse Paper Rope Storage Baskets Set of 4

Get organized with ease. This set of four storage baskets is perfect for tucking into open shelving or drawers, as they are petite and square. Coated in paper rope, they are natural and skin-friendly—great for housing books, toys, or any soft clothes. Plus, it always helps to have multiple baskets of the same style for a cohesive look.

Anthropologie Mira Hanging Basket

Hanging baskets are great if you’re low on square footage since they don’t have to take up floor space. Not to mention, they give your walls a stylish touch. These ones by Anthropologie are made from hemp, a natural and eco-friendly material. The droopy shape and braided weave instantly relaxes a space. A bonus? They come with a handy, slim loop for easy hanging.

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