‘World Dog Awards’ Wins Award for Best Awards Show Ever

Oscar nominations were announced Thursday morning, and by Thursday evening they became entirely unimportant, as The World Dog Awards aired. The show honors canines who go beyond “man’s best friend” — there were statues handed out for dogs who are social media stars, dogs who wear clothes well, and even a few nods to humans who are great co-stars. The award for “Hot Dog” went to Dally the Horse Rider, who rides horses while simultaneously being a dog. Human actor Jason Schwartzman took home the prize for “Best Supporting Actor to a Dog” for the film 7 Chinese Brothers and accepted his Golden Hydrant with his dog, Arrow. “Top Trick” went to Norman the Bike Riding Dog, who actually pedals a bike with his paws. Bodhi, a shiba inu and menswear model who has been featured in the pages of GQ, was nominated for “Dog of the Year,” but he came up short. That top honor went to Gabe, the service dog for wounded U.S. Army vet Justin Lansford. Gabe not only helps Justin with his day-to-day activities, but he also served as best man at his wedding!

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