After working with him at the Combine, Brandon Beane thinks Von Miller will be a G.M.

Bills pass rusher Von Miller attended this year’s Scouting Combine to advance his goal of becoming an NFL General Manager, and he impressed Bills G.M. Brandon Beane with his commitment to doing the hard work of scouting players.

Beane told Katherine Fitzgerald of the Buffalo News that when he talks to people who show interest in becoming a G.M., he makes a point of emphasizing the long hours and challenges of the job to see if they’re serious about it, and that Miller has shown he’s serious.

“I want to try and scare people with that to make sure,” Beane said. “But that has not scared him.”

Beane believes Miller will be the G.M. of an NFL team some day.

“I do think he’ll do it,” Beane said of Miller’s goal to be a G.M. “He seems like – as I’ve gotten to know him – when he’s something on his mind, he’s serious about it. And to me, he could have had a meeting or two with me and then not brought it up again. And I mean to me, he’s dug deeper and deeper.”

After suffering a season-ending knee injury last year, Miller spent some of the time he would have been preparing for games instead meeting with Beane and his staff. Miller says he learned a lot.

“Salary caps, CBA, free agent signings – I don’t have any of that experience,” Miller said. “So, sitting down with these guys, and for them just giving me direction – I feel extremely blessed.”

The Bills hope that Miller, who will turn 34 on Saturday, still has some good seasons of football to play. But at some point he’ll be off the playing field, and perhaps into the front office.

After working with him at the Combine, Brandon Beane thinks Von Miller will be a G.M. originally appeared on Pro Football Talk