Will There Be a Wonderful World Season 2 Release Date & Is It Coming Out?

Will There Be a Wonderful World Season 2 Release Date & Is It Coming Out?
Image Credit: Munhwa Broadcasting Corporation (MBC)

Created by Kim Eun-ji, Wonderful World is a South Korean mystery drama series. The plot revolves around Eun Soo-hyeon, an accomplished author and psychological professor. Following the death of her son in a hit-and-run incident, grief overwhelms Soo-hyeon and she eventually ends up in prison. When she learns that there are certain things that she doesn’t know about her son’s death, she sets out to find the truth and punish those responsible. Season 1 originally aired on MBC TV between March 1 and April 13, 2024. If you are wondering whether there will be a Season 2 of Wonderful World, this is what we know.

Here’s all we know about Wonderful World Season 2 and whether or not it’s coming out.

Is there a Wonderful World Season 2 release date?

There is no Wonderful World Season 2 release date as the series seems to have ended.

As of April 2024, MBC TV, the show’s original network, has not greenlit the series for Season 2. Given that the series succeeds in wrapping most of its plot threads by the end of its 14-episode run, Season 2 is unlikely to happen. This is not unusual with South Korean shows as they often end after the first season. While this has begun to change due to the immense popularity of content coming from that part of the world, Wonderful World will probably not be one of those shows.

This date is an estimation based on the information we have at the time of this writing.

The cast of the show includes Kim Nam-ju as Eun Soo-hyeon, Cha Eun-woo as Kwon Seon-yul, Kim Kang-woo as Kang Su-ho, and Lim Se-mi as Han Yu-ri.

Why Wonderful World Season 2 might not be happening

Wonderful World Season 2 probably isn’t coming out because the series has likely ended after Season 1.

ComingSoon will provide an update if circumstances change and Wonderful World Season 2 goes into production.

The official synopsis for Wonderful World reads:

“A mother who unfairly lost her young son, takes revenge against the perpetrator who has been forgiven by the law and heals her wounds.”

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